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How To Get A Cheap Mortgage Rate

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What Happens At The End Of A Term

How To Get Mortgage Rate Quotes Instantly – Purchase or Refinance – Less than 30 seconds!

At the end of each term, you have the option to renew or refinance your mortgage.

  • Renewing your mortgageinvolves signing for another term with your existing lender. Your monthly payment and mortgage interest rate may change.
  • Refinancing your mortgageinvolves signing a new term agreement, possibly with a different rate or lender. Refinancing allows you to take advantage of lower mortgage rates or better options not offered by your current lender. You can also borrow more money by using your home equity and receiving it in cash.

Your mortgage lender might not reassess your credit score or debt service ratios if youre renewing at the same lender. If youre switching to a new lender, youll need to be reassessed and you may need to pass the mortgage stress test.

Mortgage Lenders In Ontario

As in most of the larger provinces, the Big 5 banks fund the majority of mortgages in Ontario, and they are all based in the province. The province is also home to a large number of non-bank lenders, like First National and MCAP. The largest concentration of lenders is found in the Greater Toronto Area and Golden Horseshoe region.

Ontario is home to some of the countrys biggest credit unions, including Meridian Credit Union, Alterna Savings and Credit Union and DUCA Financial Services Credit Union.

Factors Affecting Housing Prices And Demand In Ontario

Ontario remains a desirable place to live in Canada despite the economic uncertainty throughout the province and the entire country that has characterized the recent past. Housing prices have continued to increase in the past few years, particularly in major Ontario cities such as Ottawa and Toronto, and it is likely that demand will remain high for some time to come. Several factors are driving this demand:

Economy Overall, the economic picture for Ontario is somewhat mixed, although signs of improvement will no doubt affect housing prices and the demand for housing. On the one hand, the jobless rate continues to hover around 7.5 percent as of the beginning of 2012, although it is projected to drop slightly in 2013. Many people attribute this to reduced exports to the United States, so as the economy in Canadas southern neighbor improves, Ontarios economy should benefit. Automobile production, however, has been increasing, with several companies such as Ford and Toyota planning to open plants in the years ahead. This will add jobs in the province and drive up demand for housing over time.

Population Movement Canada, particularly the province of Ontario, remains a highly desirable place to live because of its high standard of living and many other factors. Immigration continues to be a significant factor in Ontarios population growth, and many Canadians are moving to Ontario from other provinces as well, increasing the demand for housing.

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Is It Worth Working With A Mortgage Broker

There are advantages to getting a mortgage directly from a lender as well as getting a mortgage through a broker, but there are differences. While going directly to your current bank lets you consolidate your financial products, using a broker allows you to shop around quickly and easily, at no cost to you.

Luckily, you donât need to choose one of the other. You can speak to multiple banks and multiple mortgage brokers if you want to. is a great place to start, as we compare the best mortgage rates in Canada from multiple lenders and mortgage brokers. Once youâve compared your options, we can put you in contact with your chosen provider.

Decide Whether To Pay Discount Points


A discount point is basically a fee you can pay at closing to reduce your mortgage interest rate. Paying points can be worth it if you keep your mortgage long enough. If you refinance or sell within a few years, paying points may not be worthwhile.

  • One point is equal to 1% of your loan amount, so if youre borrowing $200,000, 0.8 points would cost $1,600.

How much can you lower your mortgage rate by paying points? It depends on market conditions, but a rate reduction of 0.25% per point is a good benchmark.

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How Do You Qualify For The Best Mortgage Rates

Getting the best mortgage rates requires five main things:

  • A Good Credit Score: You will generally need a 680 to 720 FICO score or above. Your co-borrowers, if any, will also need good credit. Like anything else, there are exceptions to this. But the more exceptions you require, the lower your chances of getting the best rate.
  • Clean Credit: Lenders want to see few, or no derogatory items on your credit report. One missed payment in three years might be okay five missed payments are not, especially if they went to collections.
  • Provable Income: A lender will usually ask you to prove your full income with tax documents and/or employer pay stubs. You need a two-year history of any bonus income, commissions or part-time income.
  • Reasonable Debt Ratios: If your monthly housing and payment obligations are more than 44% of your gross monthly income, youll seldom get the best rates. Moreover, your monthly housing costs cannot be more than 39% of your gross monthly income. That 39% limit requires a 680+ credit score, by the way. Otherwise, its 35%. Remember this as well. To qualify for the lowest mortgage rates, youll have to pass the federal governments mortgage stress test. All that means is that the lender will calculate your debt ratios using an inflated interest rate. If the lender is offering you a 3.25% rate, for example, it might stress test you to see if you can afford payments at a 5.25% rate.
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    Shop Among Multiple Lenders

    When searching for the best mortgage rate, even for a refinance, do the necessary research to make sure youre getting the best fit for your situation. Dont accept the first rate youre quoted it pays to shop around. According to one study, borrowers saved $1,500 on average getting just one additional rate quote, and $3,000 on average getting five.

    Look beyond your bank or credit union, talk to multiple lenders and explore options online.

    Shop and compare based on the loan estimates received, Saunders says. You wouldnt normally purchase a car without test driving it first. Test drive your loan before proceeding with your purchase.

    Your Rights And Responsibilities As A Borrower

    Variable Mortgage Rates Increased but can you still get a cheap mortgage

    Its important to know your rights as a mortgage borrower. When applying for a mortgage, your lender must provide information such as your mortgage principal amount, your mortgage interest rate, your annual percentage rate , term, payments, amortization, prepayment privileges and charges, and other fees. This can be provided in an information box in your mortgage agreement.

    Changes to your mortgage agreement will need to be made in writing within 30 days, or it can be disclosed electronically. Your lender must also give you a renewal statement at least 21 days before the end of your term, or let you know if they will not be renewing your mortgage. If your lender is a member of the Canadian Banking Association, which includes most major banks operating in Canada, your lender may have agreed to provide additional information, such asonline financial calculatorsor other information that can be used to calculate mortgage prepayment charges.

    Your lender also has rights, such as the right to inspect your title or the right to sell your home if you dont make your mortgage payments.

    You also have responsibilities as a mortgage borrower. It’s important to carefully read your mortgage agreement and ask your lender questions if you don’t fully understand any terms or conditions.

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    How Does My Amortization Period Affect My Mortgage

    When deciding between a short amortization or a long amortization, you will need to take into account your financial situation. A long amortization means that your individual mortgage payments will be smaller, which might allow you to qualify for a larger mortgage amount based on your futuredebt service ratios. Likewise, higher mortgage payments from a shorter amortization may reduce themortgage amount that you can afford.

    You wont be able to get a CMHC-insured mortgage if your amortization is more than 25 years. While your monthly mortgage payment might be higher with an amortization that is 25 years or less, youll be able to make a smaller down payment that can be as low as 5%. Otherwise, youll need to make a down payment of at least 20% for an uninsured mortgage with an amortization greater than 25 years.

    You can use ourmortgage amortization calculatorto see how changing your amortization period can affect the cost of your mortgage. For example, the table below compares the cost of a mortgage and the amount of each monthly mortgage payment for different amortization periods.

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    Is It Safe To Get A Mortgage Online

    Yes, its safe you no longer need to visit a bank branch or mortgage brokers office in person to apply for a mortgage. Its becoming increasingly common for Canadians to apply for mortgages online. only works with reputable, trustworthy financial institutions. Your credit score wont be affected and your information is secure. We dont share your information with anyone unless you want to connect with a mortgage broker. We take care of the heavy lifting by comparing the market for you and can connect you with the best mortgage lenders in the country.

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    How To Get The Lowest Mortgage Rate

    Mortgage rates vary greatly, and theyre highly dependent on a number of factorsthings like your chosen lender, your credit score, the type of loan youve chosen, and the size of your down payment. And because a low mortgage rate can make your monthly payment more affordable and save you in interest charges over the life of your loan, its highly important to prepare your finances early and shop around for your lender and loan.

    Why Compare Saskatchewan Mortgage Rates On Ratehub

    The process of comparing mortgage rates, terms, and conditions between multiple providers can be a confusing one. However, it’s one of the most important steps you should take to get the right mortgage for you. With, you can compare rates from the big banks, top mortgage brokers, and small lenders, all in one place. All this, at no cost to you.

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    Which Is Better: Fixed Or Variable Mortgage Rates

    The choice between fixed or variable rates depends on your personal circumstances. Fixed rates offer more stability than variable rates, as they have steady monthly payments, and protect you from changes to the prime rate.

    Variable rates have been historically cheaper over the long term. However, they carry more risk than fixed rates. If you’re worried that your household budget won’t be able to accommodate increased mortgage payments, variable rates might not be the best option. However, if you think rates are likely to drop, and your budget has enough space to increase your monthly payments in case you’re wrong, variable rates might suit you.

    Read our guide on fixed vs. variable mortgage rates for more details.

    Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

    How to Get The Best Mortgage Rates & Other Advice For First Timers

    Sometimes called accident, sickness and unemployment insurance , MPPI is supposed to cover your payments if you have an accident, become ill, or you’re made redundant.

    You can get limited help from the Government in these circumstances but, at best, it will only cover your interest. So it’s sensible to consider, before you take out a mortgage, how you would manage to meet your repayments if these events happened.

    MPPI isn’t a bad policy but it can be quite pricey and has been mis-sold in the past to people who couldn’t actually claim on it. This can happen because the insurer doesn’t carry out any checks when you first apply, only when you go to make a claim.

    Since the onset of coronavirus, many providers have actually withdrawn the unemployment part of MPPI. This means that anyone taking out a new policy will struggle to be covered in the event of redundancy. Existing customers won’t be affected by this.

    If you suspect that your job might be at risk in future, try your best to get a guarantee that the MPPI would pay out.

    What to ask before taking out MPPI

    If you do decide to take out an MPPI policy, check carefully:

    • That it will pay out if you claim
    • When it will pay
    • How much it’ll pay and for how long

    Ensure you understand all the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line.

    There’s no harm in getting a quote from your broker for MPPI, but make sure that you compare with other policies to see if it’s a good deal.

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    How To Get The Cheapest 15

    As mortgage rates keep tumbling to new all-time lows, refinancing remains at the top of many homeowners’ to-do lists.

    If you’re thinking about taking out a fresh loan with a lower, money-saving rate, your mind might automatically be going to a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage. It’s America’s most popular type of home loan, and maybe it’s what you already have.

    But if you’ve been in your house a few years, refinancing into a 15-year mortgage can keep you from dragging out the debt and your interest costs. Though the monthly payments can be steeper, the loans come with lower interest rates currently as low as 1.875%.

    Here are four tips on how to get the very best deal when refinancing into a 15-year mortgage.

    Do I Get A Lower Rate If I Make A Bigger Down Payment

    Generally, not. The lowest rates in Canada are typically offered on default insured mortgages. Those are for people who put down less than 20% on their home purchase. Low insured rates are also available to people who transfer their already-insured mortgage to a new lender. Those who put down 20% or more get conventional rates, which are usually higher than insured rates. Occasionally, however, someone putting down 35% or more on a home purchase under $1 million can get great rates similar to high-ratio rates.

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    Check Your Credit Scores And Reports

    Any effort to secure the best interest rate for your mortgage should begin with checking your credit scores and reports with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, the three major credit bureaus. Heres an example of how to do this and what to look for.

    At, you can sign up for a free account that will provide your FICO Score 8 and broad insights on what aspects of your credit need improvement.

    For $4.95, you can access your FICO Score 2, which Experian says is the credit score most mortgage lenders use.

    Experian also offers a tool called Experian Boost that can improve your credit score slightly by including your utility and mobile phone bill payment history.

    Review your credit reports and check for inaccuracies on any item thats dragging down your score. You can open a dispute online, by phone or by mail if you see any problems. lets you get free copies of your reports from all three credit bureaus. You can get a free report as often as once a week through April 2021.

    Learn more about how your credit score affects your mortgage rate and whether it makes sense to pay for a special version of your credit score.

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