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How To Look Up Mortgage Information On A Property

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How to look up your property tax information

A buyer must be prepared to negotiate. The negotiation process may take at least several weeks to complete and close a transaction. This would entail a buyer to be well-informed about pertinent information and details regarding the property.

Information that will be vital for the negotiation includes how much the seller has on a mortgage, tax issues, liens, title, and other details that will be helpful to the buyer. This information can help the buyer formulate an offer that will make both the buyer and the seller gain from the transaction. A buyer must be equipped with all the information that he can gather about a particular home that he wants to acquire.

Remember that investing in a home is not a joke. It could mean security and protection for your family. It is not like buying something from a store in haste and then return the item when you find out that it does not conform to your needs. Make sure that the home that you will invest in is one that can meet your standards and serve the needs of your family.

Accessing Public Mortgage Records

So how do you find all this information? First, you need to obtain information on the current homeowner. In most cases, you’ll be able to find what you need with the name you may also need the full address or other identifying information.

  • Step 1: You need to know what county the property is in. Then, find out where that county keeps its records. Some counties keep mortgage records in the courthouse or clerk’s office. In some cases, the town itself handles the document. Go to the website of whichever office maintains the records.
  • Step 2: On the website, there will be a form to fill out to access records. Enter all the information it requires to see the results. Some websites will allow you to view records online others might require that you physically go to the office.
  • Step 3: If you have to go to the office, someone there should be able to help you find the documents you need. You should be able to view hard copies of the mortgage records. There may be a small fee to access records.

In addition, mortgage professionals can find mortgage records from around the United States without leaving home at

We Now Accept Documents Through E

Georgetown County Register of Deeds office is pleased to announce that we are accepting documents through E-Recording as of March 14, 2022. Our accepted vendor at this time will be Simplifile. We will add other vendors at a later date. Please note E-Recording documents received after 4:30 pm EST will not be processed until the next business day.

To set up an E-Recording account, you may visit our accepted vendor below at:

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    How To Find Out How Much Is Owed On A Mortgage

    Information about how much is owed by somebody on a mortgage company is considered public records. There are several ways on how to acquire this data. Read on and find out what the different methods are to help you obtain such information. These options can help in making a reasonable offer and negotiate a fair price for the property.

    How Can You See A Mortgage On A Property Through Public Records

    How To Look Up Mortgage Information On A Property

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    When it comes to mortgages, the borrower’s name, property address and amount owed are considered public record. That means anyone can conduct a search and obtain this information. This information gives potential buyers an idea of how much money is still owed on the home. Sellers with low mortgage balances may be more likely to accept a lower offer on their home. Higher balances mean reduced equity and profit, and thus often result in the seller rejecting lower offers.


    You can see public mortgage records through county clerk and public records offices, as well as a variety of online resources, such as real estate websites.

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    Invest In Technology That Performs

    Real estate professionals already know all too well just how much work goes into closing a deal. Theres a lot of hands-on effort that has to be invested from start-to-finish in order for buyers and sellers to walk away happy. Taking the DIY approach is only going to wear you out. Whether youre working independently, with a brokerage, or even with your own team, having the right tools and technology at your side can save you substantial time and energy.

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    How To Access Public Mortgage Records

    First, obtain the information youll need about the current homeowner. Sometimes knowing the persons name is enough, but its best to have the propertys full street address too. Find out in which state and county the property is located, and contact the appropriate recorders office. You also can access the clerks official website and download the mortgage documents online. Enter the homeowners information as the form requires, and pay any necessary fees.

    Look for deeds used for mortgages, find the one in which you are interested, and open the copy of the mortgage documents. Here you will find the propertys legal description, address, lender, mortgage amount, and other information related to the property. You often can download the file or print it out. Public mortgage records are great help for making an offer on a home.

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    Ways To Find The Owner Of A Property

    It can be a slog to find the right house. And when you do, it may not be up for sale. Take these ways to find out who owns a house so you can lure them to sell.

    There are several ways to find the owner of the property youre interested in. Some ways are more direct than others, but any way will rely on your charisma to convince the owner to sell.

    How To Find Mortgage Information On A Property

    How to look up property tax. Where to find information on HERO Loans.

    Before you walk into any real estate transaction, you should always aim to gain as much information as possible regarding the property. A lien search, which can reveal mortgage information along with other liens against the property, is an essential step in your due diligence process. These are the steps you need to follow to find mortgage information for a property youre interested in.

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    Talk To A Title Company

    A title company can research property deeds and perform title searches. Not only will you be able to find the owner of the property, but a title search will check for any issues of the property. This step is part of the homebuying process, but you can do it early to find out more information on the property.

    Note that a title search isnt free. Youll have to pay a fee, usually in the range of $200 $400.

    How To Search Property Titles On The Internet

    This article was co-authored by Clinton M. Sandvick, JD, PhD. Clinton M. Sandvick worked as a civil litigator in California for over 7 years. He received his JD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1998 and his PhD in American History from the University of Oregon in 2013.There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 281,711 times.

    If you are purchasing real property or using your home as collateral on a loan , chances are you will have to conduct a title search. When you conduct a title search, you are in fact looking back through the history of a piece of property. A title search can reveal, among other things, property sales, encumbrances, and tax delinquencies. You can always conduct a title search in person at your county recorder’s office. However, nowadays, it is also relatively easy to conduct a title search online. To conduct an online title search, you will need to gather certain information about the property in question and conduct an online search using that information. Follow the directions in this article to successfully complete an online title search.

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    Conducting Your Title Search

  • 1Visit the county recorder’s website. After you have gathered all of the important information about the property you will be conducting a title search for, you will visit the county recorder’s website for the county where the property is located. To find your county recorder’s website, click on this public records website. Once there, you will click on the state where your property is located. A list of counties in that state will pop up and you will need to click on the county where your property is located. The next screen will look something like this. Click on the county recorder’s website.
  • 2Navigate your way to a property title search. Now that you are at the county recorder’s website, you will need to find out how to conduct a title search. Every county’s website is going to be different so you will have look around to find it. If you cannot find what you are looking for, call the county recorder’s office and ask for help.
  • In Linn County, Iowa, for example, you can start your title search by simply clicking on this link.
  • In Ventura County, California, you can visit the recorder’s website here and you can access the search function by clicking on the “Grantor/Grantee Search” button on the right side of the screen. If you click on that button, you will find yourself here, where you will be able to start your title search.
  • For example, in Linn County, Iowa, you can search by name, document type, date, address, or parcel number.XResearch source
  • Knock On Their Door Or Leave A Note

    How To Look Up Mortgage Information On A Property

    If youre the brazen and bold type, knocking on the door might get you face-to-face with the current owner. If anyone answers who isnt the owner, they may know how to contact the owner. Remain courteous and respectful with whomever answers the door. If no one answers, you could leave a note with your contact information, asking the owner to get in touch if theyd consider selling.

    This is the riskiest method on this list and may not work for you. The owner may not want to talk to you. If you choose this route, you may get your answer faster on whether the owner will sell. It could save you time and effort. Just know the answer may be no.

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    Who Does The Title Search

    A title company or attorney will typically take care of the title search. In some cases, the lender or the individual home buyer may take over this process instead.

    If you choose to tackle the title search process on your own, then you can seek out the records you need at places like the county courthouse, the recorders office, and the county assessor office.

    It might be a good idea to let the professionals handle this part of the home buying process. Legal documents can get confusing to the untrained eye and you dont want to accidentally overlook something important.

    Check Real Estate Sites

    If you’re only interested in the most basic information, or you’re on a time crunch, you can do a quick check on one of the major real estate sites. For example, displays both the property and tax history. You’ll learn when the home was put up for sale and at what price, if there were any changes to the price since then, how much the taxes were for the property over the last three years and the property’s total assessed value. Zillow and Trulia show similar information.

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    Get Your Details Together

    To run a search, youll need the propertys address and the current sellers name. And, as with any research project, you should determine what information you want to know! Here are a few potential ideas:

    • Are the owners the only people/entities who own the property?
    • Does the square footage advertised match whats on the record?
    • Has the seller filed for bankruptcy?
    • Are the sellers going through a divorce?

    Phoenix-based real estate agent Mike Mendoza has almost four decades of experience and notes that square footage is the property record issue that comes up the most often. The tax records may have a certain square footage listed, and the listing agent may have a totally different square footage listed. So the buyer might want to know, why is that?

    Its usually because an owner, at some point, paid for an addition to the property but didnt get the permits to do so, or didnt formally report it.

    How Do Title Searches Identify Who Owns A Property

    How to look up property information online free – Subject To Investing Series

    A title search digs into the public records available for the property in question. Typically, an attorney or title company will use a variety of legal documents to confirm that the seller is truly the rightful owner. Beyond that, the title search will root out any other financial and/or legal claims on the property.

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    Search Strata Plan Common Property

    From any page of the LTSA’s Electronic Services, rollover Searches and click Strata Plan Common Property Search

    Enter up to 15 alphanumeric characters in the File Reference field to uniquely identify your transaction. See Using a File Reference. Depending on your organization’s account management setting for file reference, this may be a required field.

    In the Strata Plan Number field, enter the strata plan number. You can find a property’s strata plan number in the full legal description.

    Click View to display the View Strata Plan Common Property page. The common property record is automatically delivered to your myLTSA Inbox and email if you have set forwarding options.

    You can take the following actions when viewing strata plan common property information:

    • Show Cancelled Information/Hide Cancelled Information: Each time you click this button, the strata plan common property record appears with or without cancelled charges. When the Send to Inbox button appears, you can send the alternate format of the common property to your myLTSA Inbox and email if you have set forwarding options.
    • Print Common Property: Prints the strata plan common property record on your printer.

    How To Turn Mortgage Information Into Revenue

    Having access to the right commercial property debt information can help you save time while generating even more revenue.

    From prospecting, to research, to close, in-depth data is the fuel that drives faster connections with prospects.

    Aside from locating the information, its also important to put it to effective use. Mortgage information can help you generate high-value mortgage leads, connect with property owners, search for a lien on a property, and identify properties that may be in distress.

    Generate Commercial Mortgage Leads

    A very large revenue-driver that comes from having access to mortgage information is the ability to consistently bring in commercial mortgage and refinance leads.

    One way to identify leads is to run a property search on Reonomy .

    To brings leads to you via inbound strategies, you can also use the information youve accessed on Reonomy to build hyper-targeted marketing campaigns. This will enable you to create long-term, trustworthy sources of lead generation.

    Optimized websites and content are a gigantic source of highly engaged, high-value leads.

    You can also roll out email, direct mail, and other marketing strategies to target property owners on a granular level.

    Connect With Property Owners

    Whether it is through marketing, directly by phone, or something else, having relevant and detailed mortgage information is ultimately what allows you to cut through the clutter of inboxes and get in touch with property owners.

    Find Distressed Properties

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    Public Mortgage Records Search

    Almost any public property records website that has a search portal will let you search for properties based on their address, owner name, or by specific document types.

    ACRIS typically serves as the most prominent example of this. ACRIS is New York Citys online database of public property documents and records. You can use the site to search for properties and their affiliated documents.

    To find mortgage information on a property using ACRIS, simply run a search . Here, you can search for properties based on a document class,

    To find mortgage information on a property using ACRIS, you can enter the Search Property Records page of their site. From there, you can choose to search by document type.

    From there, you can select Mortgages & Instruments in the document class section, and then select from a number of different mortgage document types.

    Many other public records websites around the country let you search by address or by owner name. Not many of those sites make public mortgage records available online, however.

    To access public mortgage records at that point, you can utilize a website like NETR Online to search public records. The other option is to physically go down to the county clerks office and gather information in person.

    Regardless of how you find and access mortgage information on a property, what you can actually do with that information is the most important part of the equation.

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