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How Long After Car Repossession Can I Get A Mortgage

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How to Get a Car Loan With Repo: Tips for Buying an Auto After Repossession CREDIT S2E156

Because the repossession process is outlined in your loan agreement, your lender legally can repossess your car without notice or a court order. But most lenders will call, email or send notices outlining the consequences if you begin missing car payments.

If youve missed even one payment, heres why now is the time to dig up the loan agreement you signed when you originally bought or leased the car:

  • Your loan agreement should state how many payments you can miss before the lender can repossess your car.

  • If you havent been paying your auto loan, theres a good chance you havent been paying your auto insurance either, and some lenders require insurance as a condition of your loan. Even if you havent missed enough payments to have your car repossessed, the lender could potentially take your vehicle due to inadequate auto insurance.

  • Find your contract and contact your lenders loss mitigation or collections department to explain your situation, advised Jenelle Davis, who worked in the credit union industry for seven years.

    Act very quickly, she said. Because at that point, the loan has not been sent out to collections.

    The repo company cannot breach the peace aka break the law. If the collector uses physical force or destroys your property, you can potentially file a lawsuit. Keep notes of all interactions.

    Theres no shame in saying I have a couple hundred bucks in my budget, can I throw this on the loan so that I dont get it repoed? she said.

    Reason For The Repossession

    The reason you were repossessed is important, however if you are applying to the wrong lender then it holds little weight on appeal when they decline you, even if it was due to you being defrauded or for something completely out of your control. Typically, if you have been repossessed and its out of the lenders policy, then the reason is irrelevant.

    If you are applying with the right lender then a legitimate reason can help with the underwriting process as it gives a solid background into what happened, and if supported by evidence, can add flexibility to the decision if your application is not necessarily straightforward.


    Its important to use an expert who can package and present your application in the right way youd be surprised how many customers come to us having been declined, for one of the experts to get it through with the very same lender!

    Pay Your Balance And Fees

    Even though your car may have been repossessed, you are still liable for any outstanding balance on your former vehicle. Pay off the difference between what you owed and what your repossessed car sold for to prevent any additional damage to your credit. Be sure to pay any repossession fees, as well, for the same reason.

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    Keep Your Credit Cards

    Although it may seem like a good idea to close your credit card account if you have bad credit, this may not be the best action to take. While it might seem counterproductive, having a line of credit available to you and using it responsibly has the capability of improving your credit situation. Your credit score often factors in how much credit you use and if you make on-time payments.

    Should You Go Directly To One Of These Lenders

    Car Loan Interest Rates After Chapter 7 Discharge

    No, its not something wed recommended.

    The reason is that the advisor youll deal with, works directly for the bank, not for you.

    If they perform a hard credit check it will leave a mark on your credit rating. Then if your application is rejected, that mark will be a red flag to other mortgage providers.

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    You Can Also Lose Rent

    Items that you rent with the option of purchasinglike furniture, electronics, and appliancescan be repossessed. But the creditor can’t just go into your home and take your sofa, television, or other rent-to-own items. The creditor has to get a court order or permission from someone in your household to enter your home.

    But if you leave the property sitting in the backyard, perhaps a new gas barbecue and lawn furniture, it’s likely fair game. However, the repossessor can’t break down a fence to get into your backyard or toss you off the lawn furniture to get it.

    How Repossession Affects Your Credit Score

    A repossession can stay on your credit report for up to seven years from the original delinquency date. And since your payment history is the most influential factor in your FICO® Score, the missed payments leading up to your repossession will also have a significant negative impact on your credit score. Here are the different ways it can hurt you:

    • Late payments: Before the lender seizes your vehicle, it’ll report your initial late payments that can lead to a default and repossession.
    • Default: A repossession is a sign that you didn’t pay your debt as originally agreed, and once the lender reports that you defaulted, it can hurt your score even more than the late payments.
    • Collections: In many cases, auto lenders don’t send an auto loan to collections because they can seize the vehicle and sell it to collect the debt. However, if there’s still a balance on your loan after the sale has been completed, the lender may send that portion of the debt to a collection agency if you can’t pay it back.

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    When Was Your Home Repossessed

    The number one factor that lenders will take into consideration is the date of your repossession. This is because the more time thats passed since your repossession, the more likely lenders are to give you a mortgage.

    If you were repossessed last week for example, then youll need to wait at least a year before applying for a mortgage. Youre also likely to be charged higher fees if the repossession was recent.

    The below table displays a brief summary of repossession timelines and the impact theyll have on your mortgage application.

    Repossession date
    Extremely likely

    What To Do If Your Car Has Been Repossessed

    Should I Voluntary Repo My Car To Get Out Of The Payment?

    Your car has been repossessed. Now how do you get it back?

    After taking possession of your car, the lender begins the process for recouping the money you still owe on the car loan, plus any fees incurred think towing, storage of the vehicle, re-keying the car and legal fees.

    The best way for the lender to get that money is to sell the car, often through an auction. So youll have to act fast if you want your car back.

    You have a few options some are less costly than others, but none are particularly easy:

  • Reinstate your loan.

    Pay the past-due amount, plus any late fees and repossession costs. You get your car back and resume paying your car loan.

  • Redeem your loan.

    If you had enough money to pay off your loan in the first place, you probably should have done this before the repo company took your car. But if you pay off the loan and all fees, you get your car back free and clear of any loans.

  • Give up your car, then buy it back.

    The lender will sell the car, typically at auction, to get some of its money back. Its technically possible for you to buy back your car by bidding on it at auction, but youll still be responsible for paying your old loan, plus all those fees.

  • If youre unable to come up with the money to get your car back, the lender will use the proceeds from the sale to pay off what you owe. If the sale price is less than your loan balance plus any fees, the difference is called the deficiency balance. Thats the amount youll be responsible for paying.

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    What Items Can’t Be Repossessed

    Creditors who don’t have a security interest in an item of property can’t take it without a judge or court clerk’s approval. Be aware, however, that the creditor can always sue you in court to recover the money you owe. If the creditor wins the lawsuit, it might be able to garnish your wages, put a lien on property you own, or seize and sell your personal property.

    Here’s a list of what creditors can’t repossess if you default on a loan.

    Can I Get A Mortgage After A Repossession

    Getting a mortgage can be daunting, regardless of your financial history. However, getting a mortgage after having faced a repossession can be a little more challenging. Most mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers lenders only deal with people who have good credit and no adverse financial history. Most lenders will decide not to lend to you if youve had a repossession, even if it was over six years ago and therefore has been removed from your credit file. But not every mortgage lender is the same. Some specialist mortgage lenders are willing to help you get a mortgage, even after a repossession.

    A repossession will stay on your credit report for six years. This starts from the date of the first missed mortgage payment. Once the six years is up, the repossession will be removed from your credit report.

    You should always let your mortgage lender know about a past repossession, if you don’t let them know, your mortgage application could be cancelled. Most lenders have strict policies that automatically reject applications from those who have been repossessed. Its only specialist lenders who specialise in bad credit mortgages who are willing to work with people who have had a repossession in the past. Our friendly Mortgage Experts have seen it all and aren’t judgemental. Get in touch to find out your mortgage options after repossession.

  • The date of repossession

  • Who was the lender?

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    Can I Get A Mortgage After Ive Had A Home Repossessed

    At Simply Adverse one of the most common questions we get asked is If my house is repossessed can I get another mortgage? Like any adverse credit, getting a mortgage after repossession is less straightforward than for someone with an unblemished credit history. But its not impossible. There are a number of things that affect your chances of getting a mortgage after repossession. Taken together these will influence whether a not a lender is willing to give you a mortgage after repossession.

    It Will Show Up On Your Credit Reports

    How Long After Car Repossession Can I Get A Mortgage

    A voluntary repossession along with any resulting collections or court judgements can remain on your credit reports for up to seven years as a derogatory mark. According to Experian, one of the three main consumer credit bureaus, your credit report will list voluntary surrender instead of repossession, which may do slightly less damage to your credit.

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    Work On Improving Your Credit

    A repossession typically stays on your credit report for up to seven years, so a big part of restoring your credit afterward is just waiting. But you can also be proactive in restoring your credit by paying your bills on time and working on paying off other debt. This way, by the time your negative history comes off the record, your credit score will be much higher than before, and youll be in a better position.

    When Your Car Or Goods Can Be Repossessed

    A credit provider can’t repossess your car or goods without a court order if you owe less than:

    • $10,000, or
    • 25% of your loan

    If you owe more than this, they can repossess your car or goods, but only if:

    • you’re behind on repayments, and
    • they have sent you a notice giving you 30 days to pay the overdue amount, and
    • the 30 days have passed and you haven’t paid this amount, or made an arrangement to pay, or asked to postpone repossession

    Your car can’t be repossessed if it’s parked on your property this includes your garage and yard. If your car is parked on the street, it can be towed away.

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    Property Repossessed For Credit Card Default

    A car repo might not be the only property forfeiture you have to worry about if youre having credit problems. Some credit cards allow card issuers to repossess your belongings. And the way these cards are set up, even a bankruptcy attorney may not be able to save you.

    Since the credit card default will hurt your credit rating and loan eligibility like any other negative entry, it would be bad enough on its own. Also losing property because of it could be too much to bear.

    Understanding Your Credit Situation

    TOP 3 Proven Strategies to Remove a Car Repossession From a Credit Report!
  • 1Understand how car repossession damages your credit. Your repossession has a few effects on your credit. Firstly, all information remains on your credit report for seven years, and this means your repossession will remain on your report for that period of time. Secondly, you can expect a drop in your credit score of between 60 and 240 points.XResearch source
  • The point drop depends largely on your current score. The higher your score, the closer you will be to the 240 point decline. This is because a large adjustment is required to reflect your new level of risk to creditors, from the very low level of risk suggested by your high credit score.
  • While the repossession may remain on your report for seven years, this does not mean you will be unable to get another car loan for seven years. Your ability to get a loan will depend on your credit score, and this will slowly recover as both time passes and as you take proactive steps to reduce your debt and make payments on time.
  • 2Obtain copies of your credit reports. Your first step is to examine your current credit situation. This helps you know where you are financially, and it also helps you understand what actions you can take to improve your credit situation. Knowing your credit score also helps you determine how able you are to access car loans, and what you will be paying to access them.XResearch source
  • You should obtain a report from all three so you can compare to ensure there are no inaccuracies or inconsistencies.
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    Get Free Legal Advice

    If you’re facing legal action, you can get free legal advice from community legal centres and Legal Aid agencies.

    Eva’s car is repossessed

    Eva takes out a personal loan to buy a new car. When she loses her job, she falls behind on repayments and the bank repossesses her car.

    The bank estimates the car’s value at $15,000. Her parents offer to buy it at that price. So, with Eva’s agreement, the bank sells the car to them.

    With repossession and sale costs, the outstanding balance on the loan is $18,000. After the $15,000 from the sale is deducted, Eva still has to pay the bank $3,000.

    How To Buy A Car After Repossession

    Upsolve is a nonprofit tool that helps you file bankruptcy for free.Think TurboTax for bankruptcy. Get free education, customer support, and community. Featured in Forbes 4x and funded by institutions like Harvard University so we’ll never ask you for a credit card.Explore our free tool

    In a Nutshell

    Repossession might feel like an insurmountable obstacle to getting another car. Itâs important to realize that you can repair bad credit. Working to reach a healthy financial situation after a repossession means that even this unpleasant experience will move into the past.

    Written bythe Upsolve Team. Legally reviewed byAttorney Andrea Wimmer

    If you donât make payments on your car loan, youâll eventually face repossession. While this is not a pleasant event, you can recover from the experience and buy a new vehicle. Repossession will leave its mark on a credit report, but there are ways to finance a replacement vehicle and to get yourself back on track.

    Before you sign on to take out a new loan after a repossession, take the time to learn your rights and options. You may not get the best loan rates, and you will want to take steps to prevent future money-related struggles.

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    How Does A Repossession Affect Your Credit History

    Any type of repossession â whether the property is a motor vehicle, piece of furniture, or appliance â will show up as a negative item in your credit history. The repossession itself will stay on your credit report for seven years. But events leading up and following the repossession will also be reported to the credit bureaus and negatively affect your credit.

    First, there are the late or missed payments that caused the repossession of the vehicle. Most lenders wonât initiate a repossession until your payment is 90 or more days late, but some lenders start repossession after payments are 60 days late or even sooner.

    Also, if your vehicle is sold or auctioned after repossession and the proceeds arenât enough to repay the loan in full, youâll be responsible for a deficiency balance. This is the difference between the loan balance and the sale proceeds. It will also be listed as a debt on your credit profile. If this debt goes to a collection agency, the collections entry will also appear in your credit profile as a derogatory event.

    If you fail to pay this debt, the original lender or another debt collector may eventually sue you. It will be difficult to defend against a lawsuit since there is no disputing that you owe the debt. And if the creditor wins the suit, they may be awarded a judgment. This will also hurt your credit.

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