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Should You Shop Around For Mortgage Lenders

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Don’t Use The Aprc To Compare It’s Mostly Meaningless

Should You Shop Around for a Lender [Best Mortgage Lenders]

All lenders have to tell you their APRC the effective averaged annual interest rate if you held your mortgage for the entire term . This is rather annoying, as it’s a rate that in most cases you’ll never have to pay, so it’s meaningless.

If you had a fixed rate at 3.49% for two years, and then the rate it reverted to afterwards was 4.74%, the APRC would be around 4.3%.

So why do we say it’s mostly meaningless?

  • You never pay 4.3%. It’s an averaged rate over the entire term
  • You’re likely to remortgage long before the term ends
  • The rate it reverts to is likely to move anyway

What you really need to focus on is the initial rate, the fees and the rate it goes to once your deal has ended. For further reading, see Martin’s Why mortgage APRCs are meaningless blog.

Summary Of 5 Tips For Finding The Best Mortgage Lenders

Lender NerdWallet Rating

NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formulas take into account multiple data points for each financial product and service.

Min. Credit Score

Minimum credit score on top loans other loan types or factors may selectively influence minimum credit score standards

Min. Down Payment

at Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans

Guaranteed Rate: NMLS#2611


New American Funding works with down payment assistance programs in 14 states, including California, Texas, Florida and Illinois.


Reali Loans accepts a minimum down payment of 10% for loans of $453,100 or more accepts minimum down payment of 5% for loan amounts less than that.


Bank of America offers down payments as low as 3% through its Affordable Loan Solution mortgage program.

at Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans

Whats The Interest Rate

Ask your lender for a direct interest rate quote, as well as the corresponding annual percentage rate for the loan. Since the APR accounts for fees and other loan-related charges, it gives you an apples-to-apples comparison among lenders. Dont be afraid to shop around until you find one youre comfortable with. Your lender may accept a fee at closing in exchange for a reduced interest rate.

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Use Your Mortgage Quotes To Negotiate

Keep in mind that the mortgage quotes you get are not set in stone. Mortgage lenders have the flexibility to adjust their fees and even their interest rates. That means you can often use competing offers as leverage to negotiate your costs.

Dont hesitate to play one lender off against another:

I like your company, but Ive got a quote here with a lower rate or less expensive closing costs. Can you match it? Better yet, can you beat it?

Chances are, these negotiations wont lower your rate by much. But, when youre borrowing huge amounts over decades, even a tiny drop in your rate can add up to hundreds or even thousands. And what do you have to lose?

Tips For Finding The Best Mortgage Lenders

Should You Shop for Your Mortgage Loan?

Before buying a home, shop around for the best mortgage lenders. Get tips on finding the right lender for you, and see our top picks for a variety of needs.

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

NOTE:Due to the coronavirus outbreak, obtaining a mortgage may be a bit of a challenge. Lenders are dealing with demand and staffing issues. If you cant pay your current home loan, refer to our mortgage assistance resource. For the latest information on how to cope with financial stress during this emergency, see NerdWallets financial guide to COVID-19.

When you buy a home, youre in it for the long haul. Youll have a mortgage payment for 15, 20 or 30 years, so its smart to shop around to find the best mortgage lenders out there.

How to look for a lenderFinding a mortgage lender involves more than just getting a good interest rate you want to work with the best mortgage companies, staffed by professionals who will guide you through the process.

Below are five tips to help you hunt for the best mortgage lender.

  • Get your credit score in shape. The higher your , the more bargaining power youll have.

  • Know the mortgage lending landscape. We’ve done some of the homework for you below.

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    Questions To Ask A Lender When Getting A Mortgage

    What fees do you charge?

    For all loans, ask about application fees and other charges such as a low equity fee.

    For fixed-interest loans, ask what fees apply if you increase repayments, make lump sum repayments, or repay the whole loan early.

    What will be the total cost of this loan?

    The lender will have to make an assumption about interest rates to do this calculation. But it will show how much youll pay back in total.

    Also, ask for the total regular payment in a year if the interest rate were to be 1% higher than now. That will give you some idea of the risk if rates rise.

    What changes can I make after the mortgage is set up?

    For all loans, ask whether it’s possible to increase regular payments from time to time, pay in lump sums, and pay off the mortgage in full before the end of its term.

    Ask if there is a required period of notice before reducing or paying off the loan with a one-off payment.

    Fixed-interest loans normally convert to a floating rate at the end of the term – ask about taking another fixed term instead at no charge.

    If I buy a new house, can I transfer the existing mortgage?

    If the answer is yes, it’s likely to save money in fees.

    Where can I go for help?

    Costs To Change Lenders

    Make sure you find out the costs of changing lenders, such as:

    • setup fees with the new lender, which may include discharge, registration, transfer and/or assignment fees from your current lender
    • an appraisal fee to confirm the value of your property
    • other administration fees

    Ask if your new mortgage lender is willing to pay for some or all of your costs to switch.

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    How Much Can I Borrow To Buy A Home

    When determining how much you can borrow, lenders will consider your income level compared with debt, your employment status and your credit history. Talk to a lender about getting prequalified for a mortgage before you start shopping for your new home.1 This can make the whole experience go more smoothly.

    Interest Rates Can Vary Greatly

    Mortgage Interest Rates | how to shop around for mortgages

    With a lower interest rate, not only will your monthly payment be lower, but a more expensive home may fit in your budget.

    Plus, the money saved from even a half percentage point can add up significantly over time.

    Take, for example, a $375,000 loan with a 30-year term:

    $375,000 loan at 4.0%

    • Monthly payment : $1,800
    • Interest paid over 30 years: $270,000

    $375,000 loan at 3.5%

    • Monthly payment : $1,700
    • Interest paid over 30 years: $230,000


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    Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

    Sometimes called accident, sickness and unemployment insurance , MPPI is supposed to cover your payments if you have an accident, become ill, or you’re made redundant.

    You can get limited help from the Government in these circumstances but, at best, it will only cover your interest. So it’s sensible to consider, before you take out a mortgage, how you would manage to meet your repayments if these events happened.

    MPPI isn’t a bad policy but it can be quite pricey and has been mis-sold in the past to people who couldn’t actually claim on it. This can happen because the insurer doesn’t carry out any checks when you first apply, only when you go to make a claim.

    Since the onset of coronavirus, many providers have actually withdrawn the unemployment part of MPPI. This means that anyone taking out a new policy will struggle to be covered in the event of redundancy. Existing customers won’t be affected by this.

    If you suspect that your job might be at risk in future, try your best to get a guarantee that the MPPI would pay out.

    What to ask before taking out MPPI

    If you do decide to take out an MPPI policy, check carefully:

    • That it will pay out if you claim
    • When it will pay
    • How much it’ll pay and for how long

    Ensure you understand all the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line.

    There’s no harm in getting a quote from your broker for MPPI, but make sure that you compare with other policies to see if it’s a good deal.

    Can You Estimate When The Closing Will Be

    A lot of factors help determine when your exact closing date will bemany of which are completely out of your control. While delays can happen, the best way to avoid them is to stay in touch with your lender and provide the most up-to-date documentation as quickly as you can. Ask your lender for an estimate of when you might expect to close. That way youll at least have a rough idea of the timetable youre working with.

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    What To Consider When Getting A Mortgage

    When you shop for a mortgage, your lender or mortgage broker provides you with options. Make sure you understand the options and features. This will help you choose a mortgage that best suits your needs.

    This includes your:

    • amortization
    • payment frequency

    You can find information on each of these features in the sections below. For more detailed information on each item, click on the links provided.

    Top Mortgage Brokers Our Review

    Shopping for a Mortgage

    There’s no one best broker as it’s subjective, but to help we’ve started with nationwide fee-free brokers as they’re cheaper, though fee-charging firms may be useful for complex cases.

    To help you pick, L& C is well-established, searches all deals available to brokers and offers advice over the phone. Habito goes a step further in also saying it’ll compare deals available to brokers with those only available from lenders, though if you go with the latter option it can’t apply for you. It’ll give you advice online, though you can call it if you really need to.

    Trinity Financial has waived its fee for MSE users and offers both face-to-face and phone advice , while online-based broker Trussle searches all deals available to brokers and offers an automated mortgage-in-principle .

    Sometimes, it’s worth paying a fee for highly-experienced brokers for complex cases such as buy-to-let or if you’re struggling to get a mainstream deal. John Charcol is one such firm with a good track record and it searches all deals available to brokers.

    It’s harder for us to rate smaller, local brokers, but we know many prefer them, so in the table we show how to find one. Do note that there might be some Covid restrictions to meetings in person, so check before you book.

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    How To Find The Top Uk Mortgage Brokers

    Now you know what you’re looking for, as we can’t review every mortgage broker in the UK, we’ve concentrated on some of the big ones that have nationwide scope, plus ways to find local face-to-face brokers. If you have any doubts about a broker, find a different one there’s nothing wrong with talking to several before you settle on one.

    Find Low Mortgage Interest Rates

    As you probably know, one of a borrowers main goals while shopping around for a mortgage lender is to secure a low fixed interest rate on a home loan. The mortgage rates different lenders charge, after all, are basically a service fee charged by lenders and are not always apples-to-apples. The lower your mortgage rate, the less money youll pay back each monthly paymentand every quarter of a percent counts!

    On a 30-year $200,000 mortgage with a 4% fixed rate, for instance, youll end up paying back not only that $200,000 loan amount in your monthly payment, but an extra $143,739 in interest over the life of the loan, by the time those 30 years are up. That massive mountain of money on your home loan will end up higher or lower depending on the mortgage interest rate you get. Shorter-term loans for 15 years mean youll pay less in interest. You may also be able to refinance your mortgage down the road with your mortgage company.

    You can compare fixed rate interest mortgage rates at realtor.com/mortgage/rates, but keep in mind the rates listed here may not necessarily apply to you. What rates you qualify for depend on several factors from your debt-to income ratio to your credit score. Better credit scores merit better interest rates.

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    Our Expert Panel For This Guide

    We consulted mortgage and financial experts to inform these picks and provide their insights about mortgage lenders. You can read their insights at the bottom of this post.

    See rates from Navy Federal Credit Union

    The bottom line:Navy Federal is a good option for people affiliated with the military overall, but especially if you’re searching for a lender that’s friendly to people who aren’t in the best financial situation namely, people with low credit scores and little money for a down payment.

    The Benefits Of Shopping For A Mortgage

    How to Shop Around for a Mortgage

    Shopping for a mortgage can seem like an arduous task, especially with the number of requirements and steps involved. However, there are several benefits to shopping for a loan which include getting the best rate possible and avoiding any run-ins with your lender.

    One of the most important decisions youll make is to find a loan company that can offer you the lowest possible rate. Many people are simply unaware of all their options when it comes to loans, and this is where online mortgage companies come in to save the day. These companies allow you to compare rates from several different lenders to find one that fit your needs.

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    Bank Of America: Nmls#399802

    Min. Credit Score

    Min. Down Payment

    Bank of America offers down payments as low as 3% through its Affordable Loan Solution mortgage program.

    National / Regional

    Why we like it

    Good for: first-time home buyers looking for low-down-payment options and existing customers who may get a discount on fees.


    • Allows borrowers to apply entirely online.

    • Offers down payment and closing cost assistance programs.

    • May give existing customers a discount on mortgage lender origination fees.


    Learn About The Mortgage Lenders

    There are many different types of lenders out there. But, how do you pick a mortgage lender thats right for you? It may be wise to rely on a financial adviser to help you select a lender thats best aligned with your interests. From online providers to local credit unions to privately funded mortgages, youve got options. For more details on how to shop for a mortgage lender, our first-time home-buyers hub can help you understand the basics of lending.

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    It’s Good To Have Options

    Just as it’s wise to shop around for an actual mortgage, it’s also a good idea to solicit more than one pre-approval offer. The upside of mortgage pre-approval is that you’re not obligated to move forward with a mortgage application just because a lender has pre-approved you. As such, if you get more than one pre-approval letter, you can compare your options and see which one is better.

    Let’s say one lender pre-approves you for a $200,000 mortgage, while another is willing to pre-approve you for $220,000. Presenting the higher pre-approval notice could put you in a stronger bargaining position when you look for a home or make an offer on one. Plus, having multiple pre-approval letters will give you a sense of which mortgage lender to go with for your actual loan, once you’re ready to sign one.

    Now, if you’re going to shop around for mortgage pre-approval, you will need to be efficient. As is the case with an actual mortgage, if you do your rate shopping within a 14 day period, the various hard inquiries that land on your credit history will all count as a single inquiry, since they’re being made for the same purpose. The result? Less credit score damage. But if you space out your calls to lenders and go outside that time frame, you could wind up with multiple hard inquiries, which can leave a greater hit to your credit score.

    Get Your Paperwork Together

    Nestiny Funiversity

    Your finances are in good shape and you know how much you can borrow. Now here comes the real work.

    Lenders require quite a bit of documentation as part of the mortgage approval process, so its a good idea to gather everything up before youre ready to apply. Heres what youll need:

    Income verification. First, youll need to prove you have the income to support your mortgage payment. Lenders will likely want to see tax returns for the last two years, as well as recent W-2 forms or pay stubs. If youre self-employed, youll need to verify your income with 1099s or profit and loss statements from the past couple of years instead.

    If you receive income from alimony or child support, youll also be expected to provide court orders, bank statements and legal documentation that shows youll continue receiving that income.

    Proof of assets. In addition to income, additional assets can help you secure a mortgage. Expect to provide bank statements for checking and savings accounts, retirement accounts and other brokerage accounts from the past 60 days.

    List of liabilities. Lenders may also ask you to provide documentation related to outstanding debts, such as credit card balances, student loans or any existing home loans.

    Additional paperwork. Depending on the lender, you may have to come up with some additional documentation. For example, if you currently rent, the lender might want to see canceled rent checks or a letter from your lender as proof that you pay on time.

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