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How To Get Out Of A Westgate Timeshare Mortgage

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Is It Worth It To Get Out Of A Timeshare

How To Get Out Of A Westgate Timeshare (legacy program)

Yes! And youll be happy you did. While youre likely to pay a few thousand dollars to get out of your timeshare contracts, youll recoup your costs and save money in the long run.

Lets break it down: In 2019, the average timeshare maintenance fees were $1,000 per year.4 Fees increase by 5% each year, on average. So, although it costs a few thousand dollars to get out of the timeshare, after 56 years, itll pay for itselfnot to mention how much youll save on travel costs and other fees. And with all that moneyand your newfound sense of freedomyou can take the whole family to Cabo and pay cash!

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How To Get Out Of A Timeshare

Timeshares are either an excellent investment for frequent travelers or a money trap set by deceptive salespeople. According to a recent research report by the American Resort Development Association . Almost 10 million households in the US own some sort of timeshare or vacation club membership. Nearly 850,000 stated they would like to sell their timeshares within two years. So, whether pushy salespeople got you to sign your paperwork. Or your vacation needs have changed. Sometimes owners just want to know how to Get Out of a Timeshares.

What Is A Timeshare

A timeshare is a type of vacation property with a shared ownership model. With a typical timeshare, you share the cost of the property with other buyers, and in return, you receive a guaranteed amount of time at the property each year. In many cases, timeshares are smaller units within a larger resort property.

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Our Experience With Westgate Customers Only Confirms Their Lack Of Ethics

Unfortunately, we have heard of many similar issues from Westgate owners looking to get rid of their Westgate timeshares. Staff would often pressure people into buying, while convincing them that they were making a wise decision. Whats more, they overstated the quality and value of the properties. Other cases we have seen include issues like:

  • QA officers people responsible for making sure Westgate follows the rulesfailing to give owners their contracts.**
  • Statements that discourage owners from reading their contracts. Reps have said to them, You can skip reading because its so late and my underwrite has already left for the day.**
  • Sales agents smooth talking to appeal to buyers sense of legacy by telling them they could pass on their timeshares to their children. Then, they intimidated buyers to make them feel like they had no other choice but to upgrade.*
  • Lax maintenance and safety standards properties: I cut my toe on a piece of glass. The dryer didnt work. After three room cleanings, we still managed to come across a childs boot and an old water bottle under our bed. How disgusting is that?*

Get Out Of Westgate Timeshare With A Reputable Timeshare Exit Or Resale Company

5 Ways to Get Out of a Westgate Timeshare Mortgage ...

When youre unable to work a timeshare developers official exit program your best bet is generally to work with a legitimate and trustworthy timeshare exit or resale company.

How To Choose a Timeshare Resale Company

Legitimate timeshare resale companies are employed by timeshare brokers that do not charge up front fees. If the timeshare resale company charges an up-front fee, it is very likely a scam.

Some timeshare resale companies charge an up-front fee of thousands of dollars to Advertise or list the timeshare on their website. This is almost always a scam. Your timeshare will be shown on their site, but likely next to hundreds of other ads that havnt sold either.

There are plenty of Westgate timeshares being advertised for as low as $1 on sites like Ebay or Craigslist, so paying a timeshare resale company a high up front fee to advertise the timeshare for sale for a high price doesnt make sense. If someone is looking to buy a Westgate timeshare on the resale market, he or she could easily go to Ebay and pick one up for a very low price. Some sellers will even offer to pay buyers through Visa gift cards just so someone will take the timeshare off their hands. Its a buyers market when it comes to timeshare.

If you choose to work with an exit company, youll want to find one that has a background in the legal field and a track record of success in releasing people from their timeshare contracts.

How To Choose a Timeshare Exit Company
Class Action Lawsuit

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Is Westgate A Good Timeshare

Most people now recognize that purchase of a timeshare is not a good thing to do especially with the rising maintenance fees and that the contract is forever. We have never received a contract from Westgate Resorts. We did receive a deed from the seller and have used this property and others for many years.

David Siegel Fails To Pay Employee Wages

However, Westgate stumbled in the late 2000s when hundreds of former employees from Myrtle Beach sued Siegel. The plaintiffs claimed that he withheld their salary and commission checks. Investigators later discovered over $800,000 in unpaid wages, owed to over 1,000 workers. Siegel lost the case, but only paid a tiny fraction of the money. The former Westgate reps took him back to court, and reluctantly settled for less than half of the unpaid amount. The issue went on for six years one of the plaintiffs died before the settlement and never saw his earnings. Siegel, a man who the largest house in America on the backs of people he didnt pay , could not be bothered to compensate his employees fairly or timely.

One would hope that Westgate would learn from this, but a similar lawsuit took place in 2019. This time, the issue was overtime wages they had not paid. The case is still in progress. Sounds like a good reason that so many are searching for how to get rid of a Westgate timeshare.

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How Much Does A Timeshare Cost

The average cost of a timeshare is $22,942 per interval, according to 2019 data from the American Resort Development Association . Annual maintenance runs $1,000, on average, but can vary based on the size of the timeshare, ARDA reports.

If you decide to move forward with a timeshare purchase, using savings to pay for it might be better than financing it. Thats because most banks wont lend money for a timeshare because the properties tend to lose value, and while timeshare property developers might offer financing, its usually at a much higher interest rate compared to a bank, and for a short term.

You could also get financing by way of a short-term personal loan, but that can have a high interest rate, too.

Timeshare Rentals Vs Timeshares For Sale

How to Buy a Timeshare!

Timeshare owners can rent out their units to other travelers. If youre considering purchasing a timeshare in a particular location, you might first rent one of the units in that resort to get an idea of what the destination is like and if youd enjoy owning your unit there.

If youre a timeshare owner looking to rent out your unit to others, you should first make sure youre allowed to do so., a platform for timeshare owners to list their rental units, recommends contacting your resort and asking about any restrictions or fees that come with renting out your unit. You should also find out what the process is for transferring use to your renter for the week, to ensure that theyll be able to check in without any issues. The resort may also be able to give you an idea of how much you should charge.

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What Happens When A Timeshare Is Foreclosed On You

When you take out a loan to buy a deeded timeshare, you sign a mortgage or deed of trust. This document gives the lender the right to foreclose your interest on the timeshare if you don’t make the payments. The foreclosure of your interest in the timeshare doesn’t affect the other owners of the property.

Costs To Get Out Of A Timeshare

On average, it costs about $5,000 to $6,000 and takes 1218 months to get out of your timeshare contract using a timeshare exit company. But the cost and the timeframe can vary depending on a number of factors including, how many contracts are attached to your timeshare.

Believe it or not, your one timeshare can have multiple contracts on it. Each time you upgraded your timeshare, or made changes to your vacation dates, the timeshare company slapped another new contract on top of the old one. Those contracts add up over time. And to get you out, your timeshare exit service has to cancel each one. Lots of contracts on your timeshare mean more work for them and a potentially higher cost.

But even if youve been in your timeshare for years and years, it might still be worth it to hire a timeshare exit company. Doing it yourself can feel like trying to run through a brick wall, and a professional exit team can actually save you money in the long run¾more on the cost to benefit ratio later.

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How Not To Get Rid Of A Timeshare In A Pandemic

One thing about getting rid of a timeshare hasn’t changed. There are some ways you should not try to exit. The Federal Trade Commission issued a recent warning against timeshare resellers, noting that some of them prey on seniors by taking money up front and then failing to sell the timeshare.

“Never hire someone without checking out their background first and never pay an up-front payment before any services are provided,” says FTC spokesman Mitch Katz.

The situation has gotten worse in the last two months, according to Gordon Newton, author of The Consumer’s Guide to Timeshare Exit.

“Right now, it is critical that timeshare owners are aware that there are so many new entrants in the timeshare exit space,” he says. “I’ve counted over a dozen since the start of the pandemic. Many of these companies have no experience in the timeshare exit business and there is no regulation to stop anyone from opening a timeshare exit company.”

Only trust a company with a proven track record of helping timeshare owners, he says.

“There are so many scams out there in the timeshare exit space,” he adds.

How do you know if a timeshare exit company is legit? You should ask three questions about any company you’re thinking of hiring:

1. Has the company been in business for at least five years?

2. Does it have a history of positive reviews online?

3. What kind of guarantees does it offer and how can it back up the promise?

Should you stop paying your fees if you can’t?


Has Anyone Had Any Luck At Getting Rid Of Their Timeshare Once They Own It

Get out of a westgate timeshare mortgage


I am now getting threatened with foreclosure and all I want is to be rid of it. I haven’t used it in years and at the time it was great. I have no use for it now. Please tell me there are others out there in my boat.


I own there and the Smoky Mountains, and have not tried to get rid of either, however, I think it is very hard to get anything out of a timeshare-just look at e-bay, there are usually a bunch listed there for little to nothing. I have thought of getting rid of mine, but I really don’t think you’d get anything much out of it so I’ve been very reluctant to even try. I wish you good luck and let me know how you ended up doing. Carla


Have you had any luck selling your timeshare.?I would love to sell mine but the ebay prices start at $95.


You can talk to a charity of your choice and see if you can assign it over to them to auction it off. I think you may be able to take something off on you taxes for the value of the property at the end of the year that you donate it.

I bought mine on ebay for $100, but it is right down the street from where we live, and we can use the pool and other facilities everyday of the week. We usually exchange it for a week in Aruba. The maintenance costs are very low, so we are getting our moneys worth.

Let me know if you have any luck with it.


How can I sell my timeshare vacation villas this is due to financial constraint. Pls. reply to me. Thanks


Please let me know soonest.”





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Youre Stuck With One Company

Some timeshares make you keep your week at your resort. You go the same place year after year. That can get boring.

Other timeshare companies have several resorts. They allow you to trade your week for another one within timeshare users groups.

Or, you can stay somewhere else if you pay an extra fee. While this sounds good, youre still locked into the one company. You cant vacation with no boundaries.

If youre okay with that, great. But theres a reason so many timeshares sit on sales sites with no takers.

Some Of How Do You Get Rid Of A Timeshare

The ownership of timeshare programs is differed, and has been altering over the years. The term “timeshare” was coined in the United Kingdom in the early 1960s, broadening on a vacation system that ended up being popular after The second world war. Villa sharing, follow this link likewise referred to as vacation house sharing, involved 4 European households that would buy a getaway cottage jointly, each having special use of the residential or commercial property for among the 4 seasons.

This principle was mostly utilized by related families since joint ownership needs trust and no home manager was involved. However, few families vacation for an entire season at a time so the trip house sharing properties were often uninhabited for long durations. Resourceful minds in England chose to go one action even more and divide a resort room into 1/50th ownership, have 2 weeks each year for repair work and upgrades, and charge a maintenance fee to each owner.

The first timeshare in the United States was begun in 1974 by Caribbean International Corporation , based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It provided what it called a 25-year getaway license instead of ownership. The business owned two other resorts the vacation license holder might alternate their trip weeks with: one in St.

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How Can Your Contract Be Rescinded

If youd like to rescind your contract, youll want to follow the instructions provided by Westgate when you purchased the timeshare to ensure a 100% successful cancellation. At some point, youll need to mail in a physical letter to Westgate stating that youd like to cancel the timeshare contract in accordance with state law. Westgate is not legally allowed to refuse your request if they receive your letter within the rescission period timeframe specified by the state in which the timeshare was purchased. One way to be certain your letter is received is to send your letter by certified mail and require a signature upon delivery.

If the rescission period has ended, your ability to cancel Westgate timeshare will be significantly more difficult . Westgate has no interest in allowing you to stop paying your maintenance fees. Your maintenance fees provide them with a guaranteed revenue stream. Why would they want to give that up?

When you purchase a timeshare, youre entering in to a legally binding contract. Like any other contract, it cant simply be canceled on a whim . You may have come across one of the many timeshare exit or timeshare relief companies online claiming otherwise, but be warned. Many of these companies are currently being sued for false statements and other unscrupulous activities.

Are Timeshares Worth It

Couple Goes To Wyndham Timeshare Meeting, Unknowingly Gets $15K Line Of Credit

To determine whether a timeshare is financially worth it, add all the aforementioned costs together and divide that by the number of years you plan on using your timeshare for. Thats your yearly cost for your hypothetical timeshare vacation. Compare that to how much you currently spend on your yearly vacation, if you take one.

Say you purchase a $20,000 timeshare with $1,000 yearly maintenance fees. You plan on vacationing at your timeshare every year for the next 25 years. Thats $1,800 per yearly vacation, just for your lodging.

Is it worth it? Only you can decide that. Many timeshare buyers are sold on the idea that it isnt just a vacation destination, its an investment. But timeshares typically dont hold onto their value, and thus arent a good investment tool.

If youve determined that a timeshare makes sense for you and understand that its a vacation plan, not an investment, then purchasing one could be a good idea. But be sure to do thorough research before making any decisions, and consider alternatives, such as a vacation rental or even purchasing a second home.

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How To Know I Can Trust These Reviews About Westgate Resorts

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