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How To Add A Mortgage Calculator To My Website

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How To Use Mortgage Calculator Widget

Quick Command Tip- CUSTOMIZE Your Website- Add a Mortgage Calculator Page

Once the widget is installed, using it couldn’t be easier. Simply input your loan amount, choose your loan term, and select an interest rate. The mortgage calculator widget automatically calculates your new payment after each change. There is no need to submit or click a button to calculate your monthly payment.

The widget is mobile friendly and responsive. It will look great on virtually any website.

Great Features & Flexibility

All of these calculators are ad-free & keep your visitors on your site to continue the real estate buying process.

In addition to being ad free, these calculators take advantage of Javascript / Jquery capabilities such that the results change on the fly without even needing to click the calculate button changing between payment scenarios is lightning quick. Put these calculators on your MLS listing pages and homebuyers can calculate their monthly house payments quickly while looking at the property. Agents can take advantage of the mobile friendly design to estimate payments with home buyers on their cell phones without having to install any bulky apps.

Further, the larger calculators include a button in them which allows users to quickly view & print their loan amortization schedules all without leaving your website.

Free Mortgage Calculator For Your Website

To add a free mortgage calculator to your website, click in the box below to select all code. Copy and paste this code into your HTML page where you want it to appear. The code can be modified further by selecting or entering color codes for the text and background.

< div id=”mortgage-calculator” style=”text-align:center width:230px height:230px padding:5px ” > < a target=”_blank” style=”text-decoration:none font:bold 14px Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif ” href=””> Mortgage Calculator< /a> < br /> < iframe src=”″ height=”200″ width=”235″ frameborder=”0″ allowtransparency=”true”> < /iframe> < /div>

By copying this code and using it on your website, you agree to the Frograte Terms of Use. If you are not the one who maintains your website and don’t know how to add this to your pages, email the address of this page or the code above to your webmaster or technical team.

The frograte mortgage calculator is a two way fixed rate mortgage calculator. It allows you to change any of the following values: home price, interest rate, number of years, down payment, or monthy payment. As soon as you change any number, the calculations are done instantly to show you how one value affect the rest.

The frograte mortgage calculator can be used to calculate either monthly payment or loan amount.

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Why Would You Need A Calculator On Your Site

Lets say you run a real estate business. One of the most helpful things you can offer your customers is a website calculator.

Whether people want to know their monthly payment, how much they need to save, or if theyre ready to buy a house, you can provide a free calculator for them to use.

And this is true for almost all industries!

If youre a physical trainer, you can offer a weight-loss calculator. If you run a financial website, you can help people calculate their monthly finances.

Even bloggers can make use of calculators. For example, if you run a mommy blog, you can create an online calculator that tells expecting moms how many days are left until their baby arrives.

Using a calculator is good for your website because its good for your visitors. Your job is to serve them. And a custom calculator for your website is a great way to do that.

Plus, you can collect users email addresses for email marketing and selling purposes. All you need to do is calibrate your calculator for lead generation and you are set!

So really why wouldn’t you use a calculator on your WordPress site?

Go Further Get Even More Leads

How to Add a Mortgage Calculator to your KW Command ...

The Mortgage calculator is just a single pick from our infinite selection of calculators, acknowledged tools in improving the quality of your customer service. Turn on your creativity, because with Calconic you can create any interactive calculator you can think of! For example, you can build a calculator to figure how much your customers can afford to spend on a house or the one, which estimates the minimum required income for a house.

Remember – calculators are lead generators, so don’t think twice if you’re looking forward to attracting more customers and helping them to make the best financial decision. Create your free account today!

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Mortgage Calculator Widget For Your Website Options

We offer two widget options for the Mortgage Calculator Widget for your website, the first a simple link which you can place within the text on your website, See Example 1 below. This link, when clicked, will display the Mortgage Calculator Widget for your website in a popup window. The popup Mortgage Calculator Widget for your website widget is perfect when you have a lot of content and don’t wish to show a full version of the Mortgage Calculator Widget for your website on your webpage or blog.

The second option is the full widget , this places a full example of the Mortgage Calculator Widget for your website directly onto your website or blog and allows your users to access the Mortgage Calculator Widget for your website whilst remaining on your website.

Display The Mortgage Calculator

As I said at the beginning, the plugin creates a widget. You can use it in the sidebar, footer, or any widget area on your site.

In the left column navigation, mouse over the Appearance link and click the Widgets link.

Find the Mortgage Calculator widget in the left column.

Drag the widget to the widget area where youd like it to be displayed.

From here, you can customize the text that is displayed in the calculator .

Now the mortgage calculator should be visible in the widget area of your site.

When a visitor uses the calculator, the results will include the monthly payment, the initial balance with interest, and total cost, including the down payment.

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Embed A Calculator On WordPress calculator templates work with all WordPress themes and can be customized to match perfectly. Most themes have a code or an HTML content element where you can add your calculatorâs embed code. If your theme does not have a content builder, worry not, you can still switch from “Visual” to “Text” and copypaste your code there.

Mortgage Calculator Mailing Results To Clients Email

Adding a Mortgage Calculator to Your Site

With Calconic you can also add a mailing results function that will let customers save their calculation results by sending them to their own email. Letting you grow your subscriber list and opening up possibilities to convert.

Many users like to collect all the necessary information before actually making the purchase or a deal. Especially in such cases as that involve a long-term commitment. Visitors tend to calculate the total costs, collect all the relevant information, sometimes compare it to other providers, and then come back to make the sign the deal, so providing a good estimate and having contacts to follow up maybe just what you need to earn that sale!

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Mortgage Calculator With An Appointment Booking Form

Adding an order form to your mortgage calculator gives you the opportunity to you not only let users count personalized mortgage conditions but also book an appointment with you straight away as the order form allows your users to choose a suitable date. Now all booking and contact information together with the calculations from the calculator will be sent to your email and you can customize a thank you message triggered by the click on the button.

You can also receive email alerts when consultations are booked and later on have hot lead contacts in your database. When creating your calculator add an order button at the end and customize the contact details you want to collect.

How To Put Calculators Onto Your Website For Your Customers To Use While Looking At Properties

These calculators can be useful as a quick check for your customers.

Here is how to add one of the calculators to a website page on your website. You can either add it as an existing Website Page, or create a new page specifically to host this calculator.

  • Log into Webdadi and click Configuration from the left-hand menu
  • Click the drop down menu and select Website Page. Click List, to the right. Find the Website Page you would like to add the calculator to and double click it to open this website page. Or select Add to create a new one.
  • To add a calculator to a page, scroll down to the Template field and add the codes as per the below summary for the calculator type you wish to have on that page.
  • If you would like to add a Window Title to this page you can also add this in here.
  • After you have added this code, select Ok to save the changes.
  • Changes will take effect immediately on your website.Template codes to insert :The Lettings Affordability Calculator:

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Costs Associated With Home Ownership And Mortgages

Monthly mortgage payments usually comprise the bulk of the financial costs associated with owning a house, but there are other substantial costs to keep in mind. These costs are separated into two categories, recurring and non-recurring.

Recurring Costs

Most recurring costs persist throughout and beyond the life of a mortgage. They are a significant financial factor. Property taxes, home insurance, HOA fees, and other costs increase with time as a byproduct of inflation. In the calculator, the recurring costs are under the “Include Options Below” checkbox. There are also optional inputs within the calculator for annual percentage increases under “More Options.” Using these can result in more accurate calculations.

Non-Recurring Costs

These costs aren’t addressed by the calculator, but they are still important to keep in mind.

How To Use A Web Calculator For Wix Website To Get The Best Results

Adding a Mortgage Calculator to Your Site

Creating a wix custom calculator itself won’t work if it’s placed in a low traffic place. Make sure to pick the best spot on your website to make it visible for your users. If you add a wix shipping calculator add it next to your shipping information, and if lets say you want to create a custom price quote calculator it might be a good idea to add it to your wix home page or even the menu bar as it’s one of the most important aspects when making a decision to buy.

Another important thing is to include a call to action to your wix calculator. Ask to subscribe to your newsletter, fill an order form to get a personalized quote or let them order straight away by adding PayPal integration . That way youll decrease the chances for users to bounce and guide them to convert! All these features are available for CALCONIC_ calculator builder users.

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How To Drag & Drop Build Your Calculator Formula

After picking your web calculator template and customizing it to your liking, have a quick look at the formula. If you havenât changed the template much, chances are, it still works and youâre good to go.

If youâve made significant changes to the calculator template contents, chances are the template formula is not working properly. You can easily find out by testing your formula in draft preview.

If your calculation in the draft preview is not correct, you can easily fix it in the drag and drop formula editor. Click âOpen Formula Builderâ on the bottom left to view your current formula.

On the right, you will see all the questions in your project, that can be dragged into the Formula Builder. Adjust and correct your formula here.

If you need more help, have a look at this more detailed tutorial on how to make a web calculator for your website.

How To Add A WordPress Calculator Using A Template

Before we take you through our step-by-step guide, let’s talk about time-saving templates. Formidable Forms has tons of templates so you can quickly and easily add and customize calculators on your site.

We have a long list of calculator templates, but a few of them include:

As you can see, we have enough calculators to cover a variety of industries. Your visitors can calculate the price of your product, do credit card or mortgage-related calculations, find out car loan information, and more.

So no matter what business you have, theres probably a quick calculator template for your site. All you need is our plugin!

Note: Calculator templates are unlocked with our premium plans.

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Embedding Our Calculator In A WordPress Blog

If you want to embed one of our large calculators in a WordPress page or post you’ll need to disable the visual editor or edit a block as custom HTML and enter the above desired embed code to do so.

If you want to embed our sidebar calculator into your blog then create a custom HTML widget and embed our sidebar code in that widget, then select where you want the widget to display. This page offers a tutorial on integrating a custom widget in WordPress. The following video also offers a walkthrough on how to do it.

Need More Try Our Advanced Mortgage Calculator

Placester Tip – How To Add A Mortgage Calculator Widget To A Page On Your Site

During the home buying process, your client will move through several phases. Each of these phases will require additional information.

Early in the process, they want to know how much they can afford and get the information fast.

As your clients start to narrow down their choices, a more advanced mortgage calculator template with monthly principal and interest payment may be more helpful.

Get more real estate mortgage calculators to give your clients a more complete analysis.

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Financial Calculator Widget Templates

All the templates listed here are able to be edited in any browser, with no software downloads. You can customize essentially anything about these – the background, the colors, the text, how the results are calculated⦠and yes, of course, you can add your logo and custom fonts.

Each template comes with its own:

  • âCustomizable link
  • works for WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, or any other type of website
  • âQR code
  • They never expire, unless you set an end date for your campaign. Expired campaigns can be cloned to use again as many times as youâd like.

    The Best Mortgage App

    I have to say that I have been using many mortgage apps over the last few years and this one is the best. I really like how they gave you so many options for expenses. Also being able to switch between 2 different mortgages with out having to redo anything is awesome because I love to compare all my options. Keep up the good work and thank you.

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    Why Add A Mortgage Calculator To Your Website

    This mortgage calculator widget will help you:

    • Capture a percentage of the 3.4 million people who search for mortgage calculators monthly on popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.
    • Establish a lead magnet that attracts potential clients to your website.
    • Give customers and potential clients added value by providing a practical tool they need and desire.
    • Provide customers instant access to their average monthly mortgage payment in less than 1-minute.
    • Boost traffic to your website.
    • Increase your website engagement.
    • Increase your credibility and authority and
    • Save time and resources normally dedicated to answering repeated questions about mortgage calculations.

    Put yourself in the shoes of your clients. Can you remember the first time you purchased a big-ticket item like a property, house, or a car? If you are like most people, after youve picked out exactly what you wanted, your next concern was, “what are my monthly payments going to look like?”

    These are the same numbers your customers are looking for. Why not make it easy for them by having this tool available on your website?

    The process of purchasing a home can be long and arduous, requiring time, money, and energy. So, making pieces of this process easy for your clients by providing quick access to a mortgage calculator, can help them understand their cost and potentially pay you dividends.

    Get The Code For The Mortgage Calculator Widget For Your Website

    How To: Add A Mortgage Calculator Custom Page To Your ...

    Simply copy and paste the following snippets to add the widget to your website. If you have any difficulties or issues with the widget, please get in touch.

    Text Link Code Snippet

    < a href="" title="Click here to use an example Mortgage Calculator" onclick=" return false "> Click here to use the Mortgage Calculator< /a> 

    Full Widget Code Snippet

    < iframe class="iframe" frameBorder="0"  name="calculator" id="calculator" allowtransparency="true" src="" style="width:650px min-height:430px margin:10px auto display:block"> < /iframe> 

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    Other Mortgage Calculators You Can Try

    The mortgage calculator we installed is very simple, which is great for most applications. But if you want something with more display or configuration options, check out these alternatives.

    While most have similar capabilities, its all about finding a tool that works with your needs. And WordPress is full of valuable tools in the form of plugins.

    NOTE: If you use shortcodes to show the calculator, those lines of coding will show within the content if you remove the plugin. As a result, it can make the content look poor and confusing.

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