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How To Find Out Which Mortgage Company Owns A Property

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Finding & Analyzing Commercial Debt With Reonomy

How to find out who owns a property for free

Your team can tap into commercial mortgage information either in aggregate, or down to a specific property.

Aside from sifting through the market based on geography or asset type, the Reonomy web application can be used to search for properties based on their current mortgage and mortgage history.

This is a quick way for you to either eliminate properties with certain characteristics or find properties that only do have certain characteristics.

You can search for properties that do or do not have mortgages that originated in a specific time frame.

You can eliminate properties that have a recent mortgage origination, or search for properties that have an origination from 5, 7, or 10 years prior.

You can also search for properties that have a mortgage of a specific amount, maturity date, or lender.

Once youve identified the properties that fit the location, asset type, and general debt characteristics youre looking for, you can dive even further into those properties to analyze the ownership and lender portfolios sitting behind them.

If you enter the profile page of a property, you can visit the Debt and Ownership tabs to view the owner and lender portfolios affiliated with that property, as well as the details of the propertys debt history.

In the Debt tab, you can see the origination and maturity dates, mortgage amount, terms, lender, and more.

This information can be found on the most recent and past mortgages of the property.

Public Mortgage Records Search

Almost any public property records website that has a search portal will let you search for properties based on their address, owner name, or by specific document types.

ACRIS typically serves as the most prominent example of this. ACRIS is New York Citys online database of public property documents and records. You can use the site to search for properties and their affiliated documents.

To find mortgage information on a property using ACRIS, simply run a search . Here, you can search for properties based on a document class,

To find mortgage information on a property using ACRIS, you can enter the Search Property Records page of their site. From there, you can choose to search by document type.

From there, you can select Mortgages & Instruments in the document class section, and then select from a number of different mortgage document types.

Many other public records websites around the country let you search by address or by owner name. Not many of those sites make public mortgage records available online, however.

To access public mortgage records at that point, you can utilize a website like NETR Online to search public records. The other option is to physically go down to the county clerks office and gather information in person.

Regardless of how you find and access mortgage information on a property, what you can actually do with that information is the most important part of the equation.

Why Use Propertyshark For Your Title Search

All PropertyShark plans include access to title history and document images, and you wont have to pay extra per document.

Keep in mind that searching on PropertyShark does not replace a certified title search but it will definitely help you save time and money by uncovering any issues before you contact a title company.

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Honestly It Is Very Easy To Find Out Mortgage And Other Related Information On Properties Read Below To Know

Now that everything is online and the world literally worships the internet, it comes as no surprise that technical information is publicly available on the web.

Mortgages are public documents that are available for everyone to see. If you like a house and see a mortgage note on it, you can find out which company owns it by simply browsing through the internet. In this article were going to tell you ways to find out if there is a mortgage on the property.

Public Record Property Owner Search

Bank vs HFCs: Find out lowest home loan rates for loan ...

Public records websites are also a common way to begin a property owner search.

Sources of information include county assessor websites , as well as other public records sites like ACRIS.

Lets take a look at each of those examples to see just what types of information they actually provide.

The Harris County Appraisal District of Houston, Texas

HCAD has an online tool intended to provide information about property values and taxes.

The district includes approximately 1.8 million parcels of property with a total market value of approximately $575 billion.

To find commercial properties, HCAD allows users to search by account number, by address, or by owner name.

Very few users will have a propertys account number, unless you are the existing property owner. Most owner searches will be conducted .

This is a good starting point, assuming you have a specific property owner or parcel in mind.

If you wanted to search for all properties owned by John Smith, for example, it might be difficult to decipher the properties owned by the John Smith you have in mind.

Youd have to know enough about the owner for this information to be useful to youparticularly in a geography as large as Houston.

Even if the name were less common, youd still only retrieve information within the Harris County Appraisal District, which might not be representative of all the property that person owns.

The challenge here is that commercial real estate is often held in a limited liability corporation .

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How To Find Old Mortgage Loan Records

How to find old mortgage loan records? This homeowner wants to find proof of old mortgage payments made before they refinanced and modified their loan.

Q: I purchased my home back in 2004 and got a mortgage with a lender that has since been purchased by one of the huge banks. I made all of my payments owed to the original lender and then also made extra payments on the loan.

In 2005, I lost my job, filed for bankruptcy and refinanced my loan with the original lender. They refinanced us with an adjustable rate loan that was then sold off to the bank that wound up buying them. Several years later, I was finally able to get a loan modification.

Our mortgage is now serviced by a different loan servicer. This servicer only has records going back to 2005 and not 2004. How would I prove the payments I made against the loan back in 2004? I was told by the banks that I should shred all old documents as they are no longer valid. I did that. So, what are my options now?

How To Find True Commercial Property Owners

A huge part of commercial real estate business development hinges on the ability to identify decision-makers and get in contact with them.

The problem? Data surrounding commercial property owners has long been hard to find and verify, especially at scale.

Here, well show you how to find commercial property owners and their contact information in ways that are scalable and repeatable.

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Talk To A Title Company

A title company can research property deeds and perform title searches. Not only will you be able to find the owner of the property, but a title search will check for any issues of the property. This step is part of the homebuying process, but you can do it early to find out more information on the property.

Note that a title search isnt free. Youll have to pay a fee, usually in the range of $200 $400.

How To Find Out Who Has The Mortgage On A Specific Property

Free Ways to Find Who Owns a Property (Seriously FREE!)

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Mortgages are recorded documents and public record. You can find out which mortgage company owns the note on a house by browsing the online records for the county or city where the property is located. Where online records are not available, you can review the mortgage deed in person at the county or city recorder’s office.

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What Is A Foreclosure

A foreclosure is the legal process where your mortgage company obtains ownership of your home . A foreclosure occurs when the homeowner has failed to make payments and has defaulted or violated the terms of their mortgage loan.

A foreclosure can usually be avoidedeven if you already received a foreclosure notice. See the chart to compare some other options: Short Sale and Mortgage Release . No matter the option, you must take action as soon as you can.

Can You Find Mortgage Loan Records From 15 Years Ago

We donât think youâre going to get anywhere. Even if you have all of your payments and records, itâs possible that the refinancing and loan modification would supersede those records as you agreed to those amounts at that time. We wonder whether you could even prove that the lenders committed fraud against you and whether you waited too long to make that claim.

Itâs true that during the Great Recession, some of the biggest lenders didnât always do the right thing by their borrowers. Some made grave errors and put homes into foreclosure when the owners had made every payment on time.

And yet, weâre not hearing you accuse them of failing to properly credit your account each time you refinanced or modified your loan. We have to assume their computer systems did credit your loan account appropriately and that the amount of the refinancing and loan modification was right.

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How Do I Know Who Owns My Mortgage

As a homeowner, there are several reasons you may need to know who owns, backs, or services your mortgage loan. Finding out who owns your mortgage isnt always straightforward. Throughout the life of your mortgage, your loan may have been sold multiple times, and the company you currently send your mortgage payments to every month may not necessarily be the owner of the mortgage.

Continue reading to learn how you can find out who owns your mortgage and why you may find this information helpful.

Understanding Mortgage Holders And Guarantors

Use a free mortgage calculator to find out your ideal ...

A mortgage holder, more accurately called a “note holder” or simply the “holder,” is the owner of your loan. The holder has the right to enforce the loan agreement. The loan agreement consists of:

  • a mortgage .

The holder of the note is the only party that has the legal right to collect the debtand foreclose on the propertyif you don’t make payments.

A guarantor, or mortgage backer, is an entity, like the Federal Housing Administration or Veterans Administration , that guarantees the holder will get paid if the borrower defaults.

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How Long Does A Title Search Take

The speed of a title search will vary dramatically based on the complexity of the documents surrounding the property in question.

A title search will involve obtaining records from multiple sources which can delay the process if an office is slow to respond.

Once the documents are in the hands of the title company examiner, it could take a few hours or a few weeks to pore over the documents for any outstanding claims.

Get Recommendations From Your Lender Or Real Estate Agent

You dont have to choose a title company at all. Your lender will likely have a preferred title company that they work with. However, if you ask, your lender must give you a list of title service providers in your area.

Your real estate agent may also be able to recommend title service providers that have a good reputation.

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Who Does The Title Search

A title company or attorney will typically take care of the title search. In some cases, the lender or the individual home buyer may take over this process instead.

If you choose to tackle the title search process on your own, then you can seek out the records you need at places like the county courthouse, the recorders office, and the county assessor office.

It might be a good idea to let the professionals handle this part of the home buying process. Legal documents can get confusing to the untrained eye and you dont want to accidentally overlook something important.

Things To Know About Property Titles

How to find the owner of a UK property

A title is the legal documentation that includes the specifics about the property you are purchasing and who owns it, often in the form of a deed. One of the steps in buying a home is to have a title search completed prior to closing. Many first time buyers may not have heard much about this process. A title search is performed to ensure that the title is clear and that there are no unexpected surprises. While most home purchases are completed with very little hassle, some do involve issues with the title. Although most are minor problems and easily resolved, it is important to understand what to expect.

1. Purchasing Title Insurance

Once you are under contract on a house, one of the first things you will do is buy title insurance. There are two kinds of policies:

  • Owners title insurance protects the buyer
  • Lenders title insurance protects the lender

An owners policy provides coverage equal to the amount you are paying for the property. It protects the owner if a problem is discovered after the search is completed. The insurance company provides legal assistance and pays any valid claims. Paid at closing, this type of policy provides protection for as long as you own the home.

Although you will have very little involvement with the actual title search or resolution, its important to have title insurance. Understanding the process can give you peace of mind through the home-buying experience.

2. Prior Claim to the Title
  • Previous owner failed to pay state or local taxes

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Mailing List Companies And Mailing List Brokers

  • Pros: General mailing list brokers will have some ability to append email and phone numbers to your lists. This is typically a fast and easy process.
  • Cons: Data quality is the biggest issue with list brokers. Data sources is coming from different providers and some will be updated more than others. These lists can get very expensive and there is nothing more frustrating than purchasing a list that is years out of date. Tracking these lists will be an issue. Often times, you’ll only have one year to use a list before the list provider requires you to pay for the list again. Like other free and low-cost options, you’ll have to create your own systems to organize and track leads. There’s still no ability to further refine lists without cost, visualize insights, or automatically update this stagnant list when conditions on the property change.

Pro Insights This is a text message our VP of Market Insights, Aaron Norris, received in July. The text is referring to a rental he had sold more than two years previously.

Even more embarrassing? The property had sold again three months earlier meaning the list provider had data over two years old.

The goal in refining marketing lists is being able to follow up consistently with quality leads. You save money on large general marketing lists so you can hit your target prospect multiple times. The pros know it’s all about consistency and follow up.

Go To A Title Search Web Site Like Ours Property Registry

To lookup the current owner of a property you will need to complete a title search, which will yield the owners full name, as well as other title information listed in the registry. Some land registries like Landgate will let you search your required title search online, others will not and a reseller like our website will be needed.

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What To Do When Mortgage Loan Records Are Lost

A: The issues of what happens when records are lost is an important one. Letâs start with the questions on keeping old records. Weâve frequently told our readers that they can toss out their financial records after seven years. Even so, there are some records you should keep forever, including certain financial documents, deeds to property, stock certificates, and others.

So, donât just toss all boxes dated from the year 2011 or before. Instead, go through the box and see if thereâs anything important in there. Given todayâs technology, you can easily scan any documents and keep an electronic copy. Again, original stock certificates, original title documents to cars and boats and items like that should be kept forever.

Contacting Your Mortgage Lender

Preferred Mortgage Lenders

If your name is on the mortgage, youre liable for the whole debt even if its a joint mortgage with others.

Contact your mortgage lender if:

  • you think you might have problems paying the mortgage, or
  • if youre worried that your ex-partner might not make payments theyve agreed to.

Your lender might be able to send you copies of statements.

If its a joint mortgage, its worth also seeing if you can stop your ex-partner from applying to increase the mortgage.

You might qualify for help with mortgage payments if youre on certain benefits.

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How Do I Find The Best Shared Ownership Mortgage

When it comes to finding a shared ownership mortgages, a broker can prove invaluable. They know the market and will be able to tell you which lenders will suit your requirements. They can also help you find the lowest possible interest rate for your circumstances.

Here at HomeOwners Alliance we have teamed up with fee-free mortgage brokers L& C to offer you expert advice. You can start by checking how much you can borrow, theyll then give you a call when youre ready to talk through the options before using the information youve already supplied to apply for the mortgage for you, when youre ready to proceed.

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