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Does It Make Sense To Refinance My Mortgage

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When Or If At All Should I Refinance My Mortgage Early

When Does Refinancing Your Mortgage Make Sense?

Lenders may allow you to renew your mortgage early without penalty within 121-180 days from the date of the renewal. But don’t worry if the lender doesn’t offer you an early renewal rate. Not all lenders offer early renewals. Many lenders offer mortgage extensions about 4 months before the due date .

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Even At 325% Refinancing Makes No Sense Heres Why

Theres an old rule of thumb that if you can refinance at an interest rate 1% or more below your current rate, its a good deal. That advice is too broad and may not be true in many circumstances. It doesnt take into account so many factors like how far into the current loan you are, what the transactions costs are , what your future plans are for moving. Taking this a step further though, with record low mortgage rates, many people are jumping from 30 year loans into 15 year loans. This begs the question as to what the right interest rate spread is if jumping from a 30 down to a 15 and my assessment is that the spread must be MUCH wider than 1% to make sense. While its admirable to seek to pay down your loan quickly, its a move that may not provide any benefit, but add risk to your financial situation. Heres Why:

My Refinance Assessment:

Additional Monthly Payment: $612Loan Paid Off in 15 Years as Opposed to 27

Why a Refi Doesnt Make Sense

It might sound like a no-brainer, right? Im cutting my term almost in half and only paying $612 extra per month! However, I did a scenario analysis.

What Would Happen If I Did the Following:

  • Set up a Pre-Payment model to compare
  • Make a single pre-payment of $5,000 this month
  • Voluntarily pre-pay an additional $612 per month every month moving forward

This would essentially mimic the same out of pocket expense and additional monthly payments Id have under the new loan.

The Result?

But whats the trade-off?

How To Lower Your Mortgage Rates By Refinancing

Just call and ask for a lower price. While this is unconventional or unconventional, some people have gotten a lower interest rate simply by calling their mortgage lender and applying for one. You have to declare that you are not interested in refinancing with their help or they will just put you on this path.

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To Convert To A Fixed Rate Mortgage Or Adjustable Rate

Converting an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage could also be a viable answer to When does it make sense to finance a mortgage? If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage and you are looking for stability in your budget or interest rates are expected to rise in the future, you may want to lock in a fixed rate.

An adjustable-rate mortgage will typically have a lower rate than a fixed-rate mortgage. However, there may be periodic increases in the rates depending on real estate market conditions, sometimes surpassing that of a fixed-rate mortgage. Therefore, converting to a fixed-rate mortgage will eradicate your concern over possible interest hikes in the future.

On the other hand, if you have a fixed-rate mortgage and interest rates are falling, you could consider switching to an adjustable-rate mortgage. This would make more financial sense if you are planning to own the rental property for only a few years.

Who Has The Best Refinance Rates

  • Best refinancing rates for Philadelphia, PA drivers.
  • The average refinancing rate was among drivers in the state who saved an average of $862.
  • In the country, the average credit rating of applicants was 730 people.

How often can you refinance your homeHow long after you buy a house can you refinance? The FHA allows you to refinance your mortgage on time and at an interest rate of six months from the date of purchase of your home. To get a withdrawal from the FHA and refinance the mortgage, the homeowner must wait one year from the date of completion of their home purchase.Do you get money when you refinance your home?Some forms of r

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What Are Your Other Financial Goals

You don’t want to spend the time, effort and money it takes to refinance just to lose those savings to lifestyle inflation. Think through exactly how you plan to use your newfound savings.

It’s important to look at all financial decisions from the bigger lens of what matters most to you in life. What are you aiming for?Scott Frankcertified financial planner

“It’s important to look at all financial decisions from the wider lens of what matters most to you in life. What are you aiming for?” Frank says. “And then anytime you can optimize cash flow, you need to always be thinking about, ‘Where can I put this to help with me with a better life?'”

It’s smart to check in on your other priorities. “When you are considering a change to your monthly bills, it’s a good time to take a moment and consider your progress on other goals, such as saving for education, retirement or a wedding,” Pearson says.

While refinancing could be a way to save money in the long-term, it’s not worth it if the upfront costs put you in a financial hole. “Ask yourself if you have three to six months’ worth of savings in the bank to cover things like a job loss, unexpected home repair or next year’s vacation before you consider paying additional fees today,” Pearson adds.

What Is The Current Mortgage Rate For 15 Year Fixed

Mortgages with a maturity of 15 years The average interest rate on mortgages with a maturity of 15 years is 2 basis points lower than a week ago. With a mortgage with a term of 15 years you probably have a higher monthly amount than with a mortgage with a term of 30 years, even if the interest and the loan amount are the same.

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Do You Need To Consolidate Debt

If you’re struggling with debt, refinancing to pay off your highest interest loans can be a smart financial decision. With credit cards, for example, you may be paying as much as 20 percent interest, forcing you to spend more each month to cover the interest fees. Borrowing money cheaper means that it’s possible to save more money, helping you pay off higher debts more efficiently. With current mortgage rates still competitively low, now is the perfect opportunity to consolidate debt.

When Is Refinancing Not Worth It

ðwhen Does It Make Sense To Refinance Mortgage How To Refinance Your Mortgage Check It Out!

Its important to remember that refinancing starts your loan term over. That means youre spreading the remaining loan principal and interest repayment over a new 30-year or 15-year loan term.

This has big implications for the long-term cost of your new loan. As such, refinancing might not be worth it if:

1. You have had your current mortgage for a long time

Homeowners who are a decade ormore into their mortgages are less likely to see savings with a small ratedecrease, because theyll be extending the full payoff period to 40 years ormore and paying interest on all that extra time.

One solution is refinancing into a shorter loan term like a 20- ,15-, or 10-year mortgage instead of beginning all over again with a new 30-year loan.

Shorter terms typically havelower rates. And youll likely save even more in interest because you pay offthe loan sooner.

But keep in mind: The shorteryour loan term is, the higher your monthly payments will be. So a shorter loanterm is not always an affordable option.

In situations where a homeowneris nearly done paying off their home loan, a refinance rarely makes sense.

2. Refinancing would increase your total interest cost

If your new rate is not lowenough to generate long-term savings, you could end up paying more interestover the full loan term.

Take a look at an example:

Yes No

The second refinance option dropping the rate by 0.5 percent actually costs this borrower $16,000 more if they keep their loan its full term.

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Youre Currently In An Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Adjustable rate mortgages are very attractive to first-time homebuyers and other individuals who want a low rate . But as time passes, many homeowners become leery of getting stuck with an adjustable rate particularly when interest rates are low and they have nowhere to go but up.

With an ARM loan, the homeowner carries all of the risk of rising interest rates. And though there are rules and limitations on how and when a lender can increase your rate, theres always the risk that rates rise and you get stuck in a high-interest environment.

In many cases, refinancing to a fixed-rate mortgage is a smart move. It provides some stability and transfers that risk back to the lender. If nothing else, it gives you peace of mind and predictability with your finances.

How Much Equity Do You Have In Your Home

Always take equity into consideration when deciding to refinance your mortgage. The more equity you have, the better rates you can access. You can even avoid mortgage insurance. Home equity comes into play even more if your reason for refinancing is to access cash. As an example, owing $100,000 on your mortgage with $50,000 available equity may allow for a new loan of $125,000. With a lower interest rate, your monthly payments may stay the same while you cash out the extra $25,000.

Mortgage refinancing benefits

Once you feel good about your responses to the above questions, let’s consider the benefits of refinancing.

Lower your monthly payment

Many homeowners refinance to lower their monthly mortgage payments. It’s a great option if interest rates are lower than when you originally financed your home. It’s also useful if you have an adjustable-rate mortgage that will soon have a higher interest rate, or if you have private mortgage insurance that can be removed.

Build equity

Homeowners can build equity faster if they’re in a financial position financially to make a higher than usual monthly payment. This could allow you to switch from say a 30-year mortgage to a 15-year mortgage so you can build equity faster and save more money on financing fees. Plus, you can save significantly on interest payments.

Switch loan programs

Improve credit

Shorten your loan term

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To Secure A Lower Interest Rate And Improve Cash Flow

If youre a real estate investor looking for ways to improve cash flow, refinancing your rental property would be a great strategy. This is actually one of the main reasons real estate investors choose to refinance investment property. Refinancing can lower the interest rate on your current mortgage loan and, consequently, lower monthly payments. This will improve your cash flow. As you know, cash flow is a very important factor in real estate investing.

If investment property mortgage rates have gone down by about 1% or 2%, refinancing could result in significant savings. Moreover, if your credit score has improved , you may be able to qualify for lower refinance rates. People with the best credit scores usually qualify for the best interest rates.

With that said, real estate investors looking to save money by refinancing should factor in the cost of refinancing. While a mortgage refinance may lower your interest rate, sometimes you might end up paying more over the life of the loan. Consider associated fees and closing costs to know whether it makes financial sense.

Know Your Goals In A Refinance

When Does It Make Sense To Refinance?

Is your goal to lower your payment or to save money?

Rocke Andrews, president of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, said thats the first question you need to consider if youre thinking about refinancing.

For many people, he said, simply lowering the monthly payments is the main goal. People near the end of their original mortgage term are most likely to want to lower their payment if they are preparing to retire and anticipating a change in their income as a result. But, while lowering monthly payments can create some flexibility in your household budget, it doesnt necessarily translate to long-term savings.

Thats because lower monthly payments are often the result of extending the term of the loan, which means paying more in interest in the long run.

Theres no question that someone halfway through a 30-year mortgage can refinance to another 30-year and have lower monthly payments, even if the interest rate stays the same. Combine the longer term with a lower rate, and the payment gets even smaller.

The main thing you dont want to do is extend it out solely for the purpose of getting a lower rate unless you like the advantage of getting a lower payment and you plan to do something with that extra money, Andrews said.

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When Is Refinancing A Mortgage Worth It

  • Refinancing rates are falling everywhere
  • Your creditworthiness has improved since you applied for a mortgage
  • You want to shorten the loan period to pay off the house faster
  • You want to extend the term of the loan to lower your monthly payment
  • You want to set a fixed rate before your variable rate mortgage gets more expensive.

What To Consider When Refinancing A Home Mortgage

Factors to consider before refinancing current interest rates. In general, refinancing can help if you can lower your mortgage interest and payments. Cost of refinancing. When refinancing, the closing costs must always be taken into account. Consequences of a longer repayment of the loan. Promotion in your home.

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Are You Getting Cash Out

Consider the following you are transferring unsecured debt into secure debt. If you cant make your mortgage payments, you will possibly face foreclosure. While not paying back unsecured debt would just mean damage to your credit report. Which is, generally, less catastrophic than a foreclosure. Additionally, once they consolidate their debt, many borrowers fall into temptation and build those credit card balances up again. This may impact your ability to deduct mortgage interest. Please consult a tax advisor for more information.

Why Should You Pay For Home Renovations With A Refinance

When Does it Make Sense to Refinance?

Knowing you can refinance to pay for home renovations does not mean you have to, though. There are, however, several benefits of using the equity in your home to pay for remodeling or repairs. This is especially true if you have the credit and compensating factors to qualify for a low interest rate. Lets say you currently have a 4% interest rate, but a new cash-out refinance can provide you with a 3.8% interest rate based on todays rates. Not only do you get the funds necessary for your renovations from the equity in your home, but you also get a lower interest rate. You could have the same or similar mortgage payment and be able to make changes to your home without dipping into your pocket.

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Get Rid Of Your Mortgage Insurance

If you have an increase in property value based on a new appraisal, you might refinance in order to remove private mortgage insurance .

Its also very common to refinance FHA loans once borrowers reach a 20% equity threshold. FHA loans require MIPs even after youve reached an LTV of 80%, so to avoid continued MIP payments, youll need to refinance from an FHA loan to a conventional loan.

Should I Refinance My Mortgage To Reduce My Monthly Payments

In general, from a financial point of view, it makes sense to lower your monthly payments by lowering your interest rate. But don’t forget the costs associated with refinancing. In addition to closing costs and fees, which can range from 2% to 3% of your mortgage amount, you will pay more mortgage payments as the loan lengthens.

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To Take Advantage Of Lower Interest Rates

The first, and most obvious, reason homeowners refinance their mortgage is to take advantage of a lower interest rate. The drive behind this reason might be a change in finances, personal life or simply the desire to save money.

The accepted rule of thumb has always been that it was only worth refinancing if you could reduce your interest rate by at least 2%. Today, though, even a 1% reduction in rate should be reason enough to refinance.

Reducing your interest rate has several advantages. It can help you build more equity in your home sooner, decrease the size of your monthly payment and of course, save you lots of money overall.

Say you have a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with an interest rate of 5.75% on a $200,000 home. Your principal and interest payment is $1017.05. If youd refinance that same loan at 4.5%, your monthly payment would drop to $894.03

Are Todays Rates Low Compared To Your Current Rate

When Does It Make Sense to Refinance a Home?

When you are refinancing, what matters is not whether todays rates are low compared to rates in the past. What matters is whether current rates are lower than the rate you have on your mortgage right now. And todays rates should be low enough to make paying the closing costs of refinancing a good idea.

Different financial advisors have different rules of thumb for how much lower rates should be before you think about refinancing. We recommend using our mortgage refinance calculator to help you decide. Our calculator will show you how changing your interest rate and other mortgage terms might affect your monthly payments and how much you might save in interest over the life of the loan.

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