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Why Is My Mortgage Not On My Credit Report

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When Do You Use A Golf Driver

Why is my mortgage not showing up on my credit reports after 15 years of good payments?

Commonly mid handicappers players use their best drivers from the tee box only on par-4 and par-5 golf holes. At times, advanced players may choose to use their best drivers from the ground in order to reach very long par-5 greens. Striking a driver without a tee is very difficult and many times this results in a very poor shot, even for some of the games best players.

What Is Our Criteria For Golf Driver Selection

We handpick drivers based on substantial feature analysis, brand backing, and/or economic value for our selection criteria. To select the ideal golf driver, our selection criteria accounts for the materials used, composition, price, and speed. Many different brands are making it difficult to narrow down your options as they provide similar features. Our selection process for the top #5 drivers accounts for the following:

  • Speed/power projection of the driver upon impact.
  • Balance & composition of the driver.
  • Construction materials that go in the driver.
  • Launch angle & adjustability of the driver.
  • Aerodynamics of the driver.

Pinemeadow Pgx Offset Golf Driver Best Budget Driver

Pinemeadow isnt a brand too famous such as Callaway and TaylorMade, but still, it has managed to keep itself in limelight with the introduction of some quality drivers for comparatively less prices.

Keeping this in account, the PGX Offset Golf driver is no exception. With a 460cc clubhead and a massive sweet spot paired with some other extraordinary features, PGX Offset Golf Driver makes sure you get the most out of your shots

Though it does not possess all those embellishments, its still one of the best budget drivers to consider with a lot of useful features to look up to.

You wont even feel if its some low-priced driver from an unfamous brand like Pinemeadow. And even if you feel so, who cares? You dont have money ).

The PGX Offset is equipped with anti-slice tech which even enables the beginners to hit the ball squarely with great consistency to ensure that your shots travel more straighter for longer distances. With a huge sweet spot, it just gets better and better.

Well, if you are looking for a super aerodynamic design in that price range, I suppose you are judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree. I mean, you just cant get everything you want for $40. However, still it is capable enough to add some extra speed to your swing.

Moving down to the low point of this driver, we probably cant let go of the fact that PGX Offset Driver has a lack of adjustability options that can be a headache for some Golfers.


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Best Drivers 2017 Callaway Gbb Epic/epic Sub Zero

  • 5/5

It was clear from our earlier launch monitor testing that these drivers just about edged ahead of the competition from a ball speed point of view.

The fastest speed managed so far by our Anonymous Big Hitter has been 173mph with the GBB Epic. On average across the board has been about 166-167mph.

I love the looks of both of these drivers at address and they feel incredibly solid and quick off the face through impact.

I have been surprised by how playable and forgiving the Sub Zero model is and out of the two, its the one I have got on best with.

Dan is a huge fan of the looks of these drivers. He feels they set the bench mark for what a driver should look like at address and took no time at all to get on with them.

We both love the solid sound these drivers make. Its not high-pitched or overly sweet but its the sort of sound that makes you feel like youve smashed your drive a long way.

SRP: £429

For more information check out our full reviews with launch monitor numbers.

Best Golf Driver For Game Improvement Reviews

My Credit Report Does Not Show Mortgage Payments After ...

***Disclaimer*** This post may include affiliate links, including Amazon. This does not affect your viewing, or any pricing on the associated sites, but we make a commission on purchases. This is how we help fund this site. Thanks!

Golf is a very personal game. Every decision you make, every shot you play is all about you. Sure, some days are windy, courses change from season to season, but your game all comes down to how you play on the day. In this best golf driver for game improvement review, well have a closer look at some drives to give you an idea of what you should look for to get the club that will help improve your game. Continue reading for more information.

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Why Do I Slice My Driver But Not My Irons

The benefits of best drivers are a no-brainer when it comes to curing slices.

However, many people report that they also cause more slices rather than irons.

This makes sense because the irons are usually shorter than the drivers.

Theoretically, a longer club like a driver is harder to control, and it generates more distance and speed.

In other words, they are likely to curve easily.

What Is The Most Forgiving Driver Of All Time

The most forgiving driver of all time is likely one produced this year, like the Ping G425 Max. Manufacturers hit the legal limit for energy transfer and distance for a perfect strike around 2003. The past 18 years have seen them turn their focus onto how they can maximise distance and accuracy for shots that miss the middle of the clubface.

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Your Mortgage Credit Score Might Not Be What You Expect

Many home buyers dont realize they have more than one credit score. And the score a mortgage lender uses may be lower than the one you see when you check it yourself.

Finding out late in the game that you have a lower mortgage credit score could be an unwelcome surprise. You might end up with a higher interest rate and/or smaller home buying budget than youd planned.

So before you apply, its important to understand how lenders look at credit and what score you need to qualify.

Adjustable Weights Become Standard Feature In Drivers


Adjustable drivers are the new kids on the block. Taylormades R11 was one of the biggest influences in a positive change in worldwide golf equipment sales and became, what is now, an almost must have when purchasing a driver. The ability to change shafts at the drop of a hat or to adjust the loft or lie of the driver head.

Titleist launched their 910 series, Adams their Speedline and Srixon their Z-Star adjustable drivers.

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Using Mortgage Payments To Build Credit

Paying your mortgage on time every month can help to build good credit. To make sure your payments are being reported to credit bureaus, check your credit report for free to see if your mortgage is listed in your accounts.

Consider setting up free credit monitoring so you can keep tabs on how paying your mortgage affects your credit score over the long term. You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of owning your own homeand potentially improving your credit score at the same time.

Learn More About Men’s Golf Drivers


Tee Off With Quality Golf Drivers for Men

Get the latest men’s golf drivers from DICK’S Sporting Goods and find the perfect club for your swing.

From the first hole of the day to working your way down the back nine, your drives have a lot to do with your success on the links. Position yourself on the fairway with a great approach angle and score a birdie or eagle. Swing for the fences on a par 3 hole, and maybe land a hole-in-one.

Whether you’re an avid golfer or just learning the ropes, you’ll find golf drivers can have a range of different feels. Select a driver with an adjustable center of gravity and fine tune its weight distribution for optimal results. When you improve your driving skills, you’ll make your mid-range game much easier.

Shop all golf clubs at DICK’S Sporting Goods, including golf drivers for the whole family.

Expert Advice

Practice Makes Perfect

Though men’s golf drivers from DICK’S Sporting Goods may help with performance on the course, practice is the only time-tested way to lower your handicap. Thanks to an abundance of driving ranges, it’s fairly easy and inexpensive to work on your skills and form. Here are some tips on improving your game:

Looking for more? Check out the full collection of golf equipment and apparel from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

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Gibbons Handmade Crocodile Belt $489

While the Anthony Kim-inspired belt buckles are a thing of the past, high-quality leather belts are still in high demand. Gibbons has many exotic leathers and colors to choose from, but it is tough to deny that saltwater crocodile is one of the best. The iconic crocodile horns run down the center of the belt and perfect squared edges show off the handmade quality. These are custom made, so you know it will fit, and with so many colors to choose from, you know it will match or contrast your favorite outfit.

Best Drivers For High Handicappers

Why is my credit score different for a mortgage?
  • May 12, 2021 at 3:17pm

The best drivers for high handicappers need to offer maximum forgiveness and, of course, give you the distance you need off the tee. But for new or struggling golfers, confidence is paramount, and accuracy is the first step to a better game. These beginner clubs will help keep the ball straighter, even on off-center shots.

Weve compiled a list below of some of the easiest to hit drivers on the market right now. They all provide breakthrough technology designed to provide supreme forgiveness and distance. Check out our picks and see which is the right club for you.

Also, take a peek at our recommendations for the best irons for high handicappers if youre in the market for some new clubs.

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Cobra 2018 Golf Mens King F8 Driver

  • Precision milled face-our first fully Machined drivers face is CNC milled to create our thinnest, hottest, and most precise face EVER.
  • 360 Aero-Innovative Polymer Aero trips positioned around the clubheads perimeter improve drag reduction face-on through the downswing to generate maximum clubhead speed.
  • Elegant design.
  • Adjustable.


We liked the affordable price tag, the elegant design, the precision milled face, and the adjustable interface that makes it user-friendly.


The distance factor is modest, and the club does not come with an adjustment tool.

TaylorMade has done it again with the M3. The company is an industry leader for driver technology, and the M3 is no exception, featuring its most aerodynamic design to date.

The curved flex face design optimizes the hitting area to funnel more shots towards the sweet spot, helping you to get the most out of good and not so good swings.

TaylorMade also emphasized spin reduction. The clubface is weighted high in the heel and low in the toe to facilitate greater ball speed and less spin. In laymans terms, this means more distance, less slice.

You can also check best driver to correct a slice of Reviews.

Finally, there are lots to love about the adjustability interface. TaylorMade was at the forefront of adjustability technology when it hit the scenes about a decade ago, and with this club, it proves it has mastered the formula.

Puma Mens Ignite Pwradapt Leather Golf Shoe

Designed to oer sophisticated style & help beginner golfers feel crazy comfort. This is achieved through a premium leather upper combined with a mesh hybrid bootie lining for excellent t.

Ultra-premium, full-grain leather upper provides soft feel too. Essentially, these shoes help golfers feel confident on the fairways and greens.

The ultra-thin TPU frame encases the EVA midsole for lightweight strength and durability, increased flexibility and superior traction.

This shoe can easily be expected to be completely waterproof for at least 2 years.

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The Best Fairway Finders When It Comes To New Drivers In The World Of Golf Right Now

If you are in the market for a brand spanking new driver that will help you find more fairways in 2021 and beyond, then we highly recommend you take a closer look at these FIVE drivers from TaylorMade, Cobra, PING, and Srixon.

GolfMagic has tested the majority of new drivers on the market for 2021, and after much consideration, we consider the following five drivers – in these exact models – as the most forgiving big dogs that money can buy right now.

You can also WATCH our driver reviews of the following five clubs at the bottom of this article.

We have also provided links to purchase each of the following drivers, some of which you will find are much cheaper than the current RRP.

Any questions? Please give us a shout on our social media channels or YouTube and we will assist you with that all-important purchasing decision for your golf bag.

Ping G425 Driver Best Golf Drivers Of 2022

Why is my Credit Karma so different than my real credit score?

The NEW PING G425 Max Driver elevates the moment of inertia to PINGs highest level in history and provide golfers the most forgiving driver in golf. To achieve the new performance levels in the G425 Max , PING engineers combined key technologies from the G400 Max and G410 Plus. The resulting increase in MOI in the 460cc head comes mainly from a 26-gram tungsten movable weight, which is made possible by weight savings attributed to advancements in the drivers dragonfly crown technology.

The weight can be positioned at distinctive settings over a smaller area than G410 Plus/LST to help shift the centre of gravity lower and farther back without sacrificing performance elsewhere in the design. The CG-shifting weight can be secured in one of three settings neutral, draw or fade to influence forgiveness and shot shape for maximum performance. The average MOI increase is 14% across the three weight positions compared to the G410 Plus, with three combinations of weight position and loft exceeding a combined MOI of 10,000 .

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Why Doesnt My Mortgage Appear On My Credit Report

A home is the biggest purchase most Americans ever makeand a home mortgage is the biggest loan most of us will ever take out. So shouldn’t your mortgage show up on your credit report? Generally, it willbut there are some situations where your mortgage may not appear on your report. Your mortgage may not show up on your credit report if your lender doesn’t report to credit bureaus, if your mortgage is new and hasn’t been reported yet, or if there’s an error on your loan paperwork, among other reasons.

To understand why your mortgage might not show up, it’s important to know how credit reports work. A is a record of how you use credit, based on factors such as the amount and type of debt you carry and whether you pay your bills on time. Each of three major credit reporting agenciesExperian, TransUnion and Equifaxcompiles a credit report on you based on information provided by your creditors and other sources. Whenever you apply for a loan, credit card or other type of credit, lenders can look at this report to assess your creditworthiness.

Here Are Best Golf Drivers Of 2022 You Can Buy:

  • Best Golf Drivers Of 2022 SIM2 Max Driver Taylormade
  • PING G425 Driver Best Golf Drivers Of 2022
  • Cobra King F9 Speedback Best Golf Drivers Of 2022
  • Mizuno ST190G / ST190 Best Golf Drivers Of 2022
  • Ping G410 Plus / G410 SFT Best Golf Drivers Of 2022
  • TaylorMade M5 / M6 Best Golf Drivers Of 2022
  • Best golf driver overall: Ping G400 Max.
  • Best golf driver for fixing a slice: Callaway Rogue Draw.
  • Best adjustable golf driver: Wilson C300.
  • Best golf driver for swing forgiveness: Cobra King F8.
  • Best affordable golf driver: TaylorMade RBZ Black.
  • Titleist TS2 / TS3 Best Golf Drivers Of 2022
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    Best Drivers 2017 Ping G

    When you set this driver down, it just looks massive and really easy to hit.

    Dan noticed when he started hitting the Callaways just how much smaller they felt to his Ping G driver that hes been using for over a year.

    When I got this in my hands I knew exactly what he meant.

    If you want confidence, reliability and forgiveness above all else then this driver should be right at the top of your list.

    It doesnt get any awards from me for looks or sound but I know it wont let me down on the course.

    The reason Dan is wedded to his Ping G driver is because he knows over a period of time he will hit more fairways with it which is the most important thing to him.

    SRP: £299

    For more information check out our full reviews with launch monitor numbers.

    How To Buy Good Golf Drivers For Mid Handicappers

    Why is my Credit Score for my Mortgage Different from ...

    Whats the best driver for me as a mid-handicapper? This is probably the biggest question that a lot of mid-handicap golfers have in mind. Should I choose an 8-degree driver or go for something else?

    As a mid-handicapper, you want a driver that can give you long and straight drives. You also want it to be forgiving and a driver that produces high MOI to get that trampoline effect in your shots.

    Manufacturers today have come up with technologies and design that would cater specifically to mid-handicappers. And one of the best things about being a mid-handicapper in the market for top-rated golf drivers is that they have a variety of choices to choose from.

    Here are a few things that you might consider.

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