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How To Check My Mortgage Balance

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Requesting A Current Balance Statement

How To Check Your SBA EIDL Loan Balance Online

Many lenders provide mortgage balance information by having a potential loan customer sign a mortgage payoff request. The letter can be formatted so that the lender will provide the current balance plus a payoff balance, which will include interest charges. Many lenders and banks will have a complete breakdown of all charges and expenses as well as the balance on the mortgage loan. To receive this information the customer needs to sign the payoff request.

If a per diem is included the payoff can be computed for a future date other than that stated in the letter.

How Do I Change My Repayment Date

Its possible to change the date of your monthly mortgage payments as long as the correct payment is made in each calendar month. Please note only 1 Direct Debit claim can be made in a calendar month. If we dont have time to collect a payment within the same month, please be aware this will extend the term of your mortgage loan by 1 month.

Interest is charged daily and is passed to the loan a month in arrears. Where the period between your existing and your proposed monthly payment dates is greater than 1 month, this will result in the next payment being increased to include the additional days interest due. Subsequent monthly payments will revert to the standard monthly payment amount.

If the period between the existing and proposed date is less than a month, the standard payment will be collected. This will result in more of your payment being applied to reduce the principal balance of your loan. Please note: if you decide to go ahead with the change, well need at least 7 working days notice before your payment is due to update our records.

If youve made any lump sum payments, your monthly payment would be recalculated.

Review Your Mortgage Needs

When your mortgage term comes to an end, you have to pay off your mortgage in full or renew it. This is a good time to review your mortgage needs and make sure you have the right product.

To help you find the right mortgage, consider if:

  • your budget allows you to increase your payments to pay off your mortgage sooner and save on interest
  • you want to change your payment frequency
  • youre likely to make additional payments
  • youre satisfied with the services offered by your current lender
  • you want to consolidate other debts that have higher interest rates and increase the amount of your mortgage
  • you still need optional life, critical illness, disability or employment insurance

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Check Real Estate Sites

If you’re only interested in the most basic information, or you’re on a time crunch, you can do a quick check on one of the major real estate sites. For example, displays both the property and tax history. You’ll learn when the home was put up for sale and at what price, if there were any changes to the price since then, how much the taxes were for the property over the last three years and the property’s total assessed value. Zillow and Trulia show similar information.

Not All Mortgages Require An Escrow Account

How to Check Your Outstanding SSS Loan Balance?

Not all banks require you to escrow money for taxes and insurance. Federal Housing Administration loans require an escrow account. This protects the banks investment in your property by making sure that the taxes and insurance get paid.

You can escrow your taxes and insurance even if your lender doesnt require it. This may simplify budgeting for these expenses.

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Mobile Apps And Text Messages

Mobile phones, tablets, and other devices make it easy to check on accounts from just about anywhere. Most banks provide apps that allow you to see your account balance online and on-the-go. Apps typically enable you to do even more than you can do from a desktop computer.

For example, banks increasingly allow you to deposit checks with your mobile device, so you can quit wasting time on trips to a branch and start getting your funds more quickly.

The fastest way to use your cell phone is to set up text messaging with your bank. You dont even need to log inyou can request a quick balance update if your bank offers that option.

Important Notes Regarding The Mortgage Balance Calculator

There is a difference between your mortgage balance and your mortgage payoff amount. If you are looking to pay off your mortgage, your mortgage balance may not provide you with the relevant information needed. The payoff amount will be higher than your mortgage balance. This is because of additional fees required by the lender to close out the mortgage.

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Also remember this mortgage balance calculator only works with fixed-rate mortgages. Fixed-rate mortgages have fixed interest rates meaning the interest rate stays the same over the course of the loan term. Adjustable-rate mortgages, on the other hand, have interest rates that are periodically adjusted.

There are, however, additional ways to find your mortgage balance. The Mortgage Balance Calculator isn’t the only way. Try one of these methods too . . .

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Balancing Your Mortgage Payments

If you’ve ever been one to get hopelessly lost in the muddy waters of the middle ground of your mortgage, you are not alone. A third of the way or even most of the way through making monthly payments on a 10, 20, or even 30 year mortgage, even the most diligent of homeowners can get muddled by the figures of the old amortization schedule. This is the calculator for you. Based on the number of mortgage payments you have successfully made, the beginning principal of the loan, the annual interest rate , life time of the loan , and the standard monthly payment, the calculator will ascertain just how many mortgage payments you have already made, how many you have left to make, and your total remaining balance to pay off over that time. Users may choose to enter the month and year of their first mortgage bill, the number of payments completed, or the number of payments remaining, to give the calculator ample information regarding the loan.

How Do I Get A Tax Certificate For My Mortgage Account

How to check your Pagibig Loan Balance Online || Salary Loan and Calamity Loan

Youll need to send a message online. Make sure your request includes the tax year you need this to cover. Or, if you need this annually, let us know and well post it at the beginning of each UK tax year unless you request otherwise.

Once we receive your request, we will post this to you within 7 working days.

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Understand What Information You’ll Receive

It’s a good idea to know what information you can expect to walk away with when conducting a public mortgage records search. Depending on the specific county, you’ll most likely discover the borrower’s name, the property address, maps or surveys of the property, the square footage of any dwellings and the property’s assessed value. You’ll also be able to see previous sales listings and the property’s tax assessment history.

How Are Early Repayment Charges Calculated

Your early repayment charge is 1% of the amount paid over your annual overpayment allowance for each remaining year of the fixed or discount rate period. This amount reduces on a daily basis.


You exceed your annual overpayment allowance by £10,000 with 493 days remaining on the fixed rate

£10,000 x 1% ÷ 365 x 493 = £135.07 early repayment charge

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Costs To Change Lenders

Make sure you find out the costs of changing lenders, such as:

  • setup fees with the new lender, which may include discharge, registration, transfer and/or assignment fees from your current lender
  • an appraisal fee to confirm the value of your property
  • other administration fees

Ask if your new mortgage lender is willing to pay for some or all of your costs to switch.

Can I Accept My Mortgage Offer Online

How To Check Your Outstanding SSS Loan Balance ONLINE

Yes, youll need to log on to continue your application. You can accept your offer by selecting Review offer now and following the onscreen instructions to enter your acceptance code.

Once youve accepted your offer, make sure you select Save and continue then Exit application to register your acceptance.

If youre part of a joint application, both parties will need to complete these steps.

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What It Means To Renew Your Mortgage

When you get a mortgage with a lender, your contract is in effect for a specific period of time. This is called the mortgage term and it can range from a few months to five years or longer.

You have to renew your mortgage at the end of each term unless you pay the balance in full. You’ll most likely require multiple terms to repay your mortgage in full.

Ways To Pay Down Your Mortgage Principal Faster

In the excitement of buying a home, many people think more about how much house that they can afford with their monthly budget instead of how long it takes to pay off a 30-year mortgage.

The good news is that a 30-year mortgage does not need to last for the full 30 years. It is possible to pay down a mortgage painlessly in much less time. It does take forethought, dedication, and a concrete plan to see results, but simple changes now can take years off a mortgage.

Here are five ways that you can pay down your mortgage principal faster.

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Gather Information For A Search

In order to conduct the mortgage record search, you’ll need to gather the most basic information. You can either obtain the property address, which is easily found on the sales listing page, or the owner’s name. If you need the owner’s name, you may want to ask your real estate agent to call the listing agent for the information, as it won’t be posted on the sales listing page.

Mortgage Balances Over Time

SSS Loan Balance: How to Check SSS Loan Balance Online 2020

Mortgage balances accelerate toward zero over time. The root word is mort, or to the death, meaning until the loan dies.

The rate at which your mortgage balance falls will not remain constant. In the early years your payments will primarily be interest and in the later years the payments will be mostly principal creating a natural acceleration over the course of your loan term toward payoff.

Don’t be surprised if you check your mortgage balance early in your loan term and find it hasn’t dropped much. That is natural. This shifts midway through your loan term, with the principal taking the majority of the mortgage payments later in the term.

Remember: The longer you pay your mortgage, the faster your mortgage balance will fall.

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Negotiate For A Better Interest Rate

Negotiate with your current lender. You may qualify for a discounted interest rate that is lower than the rate quoted in your renewal letter. Tell your lender about offers you received from other financial institutions or mortgage brokers. You may need to provide proof of the offers you receive. Make sure you have this information on hand.

If you dont take action, the renewal of your mortgage term may be automatic. This means you may not get the best interest rate and conditions. If your lender plans on automatically renewing your mortgage, it will say so in the renewal statement.

Can I Access Money In My Escrow Balance

Typically, you cant access the money in your escrow balancethat money is held by the lender or loan servicing company on your behalf. In most cases, the bank doesnt pay interest on your escrow balance. The total held in your escrow account is generally included in your monthly mortgage statement or your online account information.

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Stable Vs Fluctuating Monthly Payments

Depending on whether you have a fixed rate mortgage or an adjusted rate mortgage, your monthly bill may be one that fluctuates quite a bit over the years. Many adjustable rate mortgages are structured so that they rise or fall by a certain fixed percentage every one or two years in accordance with the market. If you have a fixed rate mortgage, you will have an extremely reliable monthly payment which does not change but keeps the same APR, though its ratio of principal to interest may oscillate according to how far you are into paying off your principal.

If you have a changing interest rate attached to your mortgage, it will be slightly more challenging to calculate an exact remaining balance on your mortgage, unless it is only the principal that must still be paid off. This is because it is nearly impossible to take into account the future ups and downs of the market and how they will affect your interest rate and therefore your total amount owed to the lender. However, those who have the stable interest rate of a fixed mortgage will be able to calculate their remaining figure to a tee, as the APR is constant and therefore so is the sum owed to complete the loan contract.

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How To Check Your Outstanding SSS Loan Balance ONLINE

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Help With Our Mortgage Balance Calculator

Using our Mortgage Balance Calculator is really simple and will immediately show you the remaining balance on any repayment mortgage details you enter.

To use it, all you need to do is:

  • Enter the original Mortgage amount
  • Enter the monthly payment you make
  • Enter the annual interest rate
  • Enter the current payment number you are at – if you are at month 2, enter 2 etc.
  • Your current balance will be shown – this may be different to a balance you quote from your lender as they may have fees or other charges they apply when giving a settlement figure.

Have a look at our other Mortgages calculators

Check Your Mortgage Account Details

On our Internet Bank and Banking app you can find details about your mortgage and your account history.

Log in to check:

  • Check your account number, monthly payments, repayment type, and account balance.

  • Past statementsGet mortgage statements from previous years.

  • Interest rate historyCheck your current interest rate, look back at how it’s changed, and find out how much interest has been added over time.

  • Total overpaymentsFind out how much you have overpaid so far.

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How Do I View My Mortgage Details Online

How to view your mortgage account online To view your mortgage details on EasyWeb:

  • Log in to EasyWeb using your Access Card and EasyWeb password.
  • From the My Accounts > Accounts screen or My Accounts > Credit Cards, Loans & Mortgages screen, click on the TD Canada Trust Mortgage hyperlink to view the details of your mortgage.
  • If youre not already registered for EasyWeb Internet banking, you can register online.

    To view your mortgage details on the TD app:

  • Log into the TD app.
  • From the slide out menu, select My Accounts.
  • Select your mortgage account .
  • Select the Summary tab
  • If you don’t have the TD app, you can download the app online.

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    How Do I Change My Direct Debit Account Details

    If your mortgage payment comes from an HSBC account, you can log on to online banking, select the account your payment is paid from and go to Manage, then Direct Debits to make changes.

    If your mortgage payment comes from another bank, youll need to complete a new Direct Debit mandate. Call us or send us a message online to ask for a form, which well send you in the post. Once youve returned the form, well need 10 days before the next payment to collect it from the new account.

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