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How To Get A Mortgage In Jamaica

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Getting a Mortgage with JN Bank (Jamaica)

You work hard to build up a savings account. So when something comes up and you have to clear it out, it can be frustrating. So dont do it. When you have a cash secured loan, you can use your hard earned money as collateral to take out a loan. The best part is, we let you access out a loan on whatever your heart desires.


  • Maximum Amount: 90% of Asset Value or 80%
  • Maximum Tenor: 5 years
  • Reason for borrowing: Any legitimate purpose specified by the client.

Other Bank Related Charges

DONT RUSH OFF. With the information shown above, I know that some of you will now think that you know the best mortgage offering currently available. However, you need to bear in mind that there are other bank fees that youll need to pay with regard to processing and servicing the loan. You need to take all bank charges into consideration when youre shopping around and when negotiating and selecting the best mortgage solution for you and your family.

Other Additional Costs

  • There are a number of property transaction costs that youll need to fund . These are up-front costs that must be paid before you can close the property sale.
  • There will be costs for moving into, maintaining, and owning a Jamaican property .
  • Please dont forget to factor in all the additional costs when budgeting for the purchase and care of your new Jamaican home.

    This article is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal, investment or other professional advice. You should seek the advice of a financial or real estate professional before making any type of investment.

    Find The Best Deals On Uk Mortgages For Expats In The Jamaica

    Clifton Private Finance is a UK-based, FCA regulated mortgage broker. We have strong connections with all of the UKs top mortgage lenders for expats, meaning we can help find you a leading market solution in line with your requirements.

    Fill out the contact form above or call us on +44 203 900 4322 to speak to a member of our finance team.

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    What Kind Of Home Is Right For You

    Not all homes are created equal. So, when youre thinking about the place you want to raise a family, retire to, or transform as a rental for tenants, you need to know the strengths from the weaknesses.

    • New development: These have just been built, which means that theyre likely made from stronger, better materials, theyre clean, and theyll require little maintenance to start. Whats the disadvantage? These are almost always the most expensive option.

    • Older Home: Older homes can be more complicated. Theyve survived families before you, which is a good sign. Theyre not as expensive as new developments, but theyre also likely to have more issues. Its very important that, before you buy, you have the place examined by experts, like plumbers, electricians, and structural engineers, to make sure everything is still intact.

    • Strata: Commonly known as apartment complexes or townhouses, buying or renting strata can be a smart choice, especially if money is an option. Some love such an experience and use it as an excuse to get to make new friends while others may prefer their privacy. Regardless, it can mean added security, which is always a plus. However, there is also the monthly maintenance fee, which youll need to factor into, on top of the monthly mortgage payment.

    The Easiest Way To Get A New Car

    AIM Financial Corporation Jamaica

    A motor vehicle is more than just four wheels and an engine its the way you get to work, where you make your living its how to take your family from one point to another and, not having one is oftentimes not an option.

    If you need a car, JMMB Drive Easy is your best bet. It gives you access to affordable loans and insurance brokering, so you can drive away with a new or used car.

    JMMB Drive Easy car solution offers two key elements:

    • A motor vehicle loan, offered by JMMB Bank Limited
    • Motor vehicle insurance, brokered by JMMB Insurance Brokers

    **JMMB Graduate Loan is offered by JMMB Bank Limited

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    Tips When Saving For A House

  • Find out where you can spend less: Instead of a fancy dinner on the town, stay in and cook a tasty meal. Instead of a nice beach vacation, go hiking. There are so many ways to spend less and create great memories while youre at it.
  • Create a budget: Figure out how much you need to save for a house, and then build a budget around that. Once you have reduced excessive expenditure, saving towards your deposit will be so much easier.
  • Make savings automatic: Its much easier if your house savings is automatically set aside. Create a dedicated account, so you always have enough put away.
  • If you come into more money, save most of it: Maybe you just received a nice bonus at work, or maybe your grandma just gave you an early birthday present. Dont splurge. Save it!
  • Find other ways to earn more money: If you have a profitable skill or hobby, why not use it to make a little extra money? A part time job can take the edge off of expenses around the house. If you can fix cars, bake, sew, or create handicrafts, you can easily create a secondary stream of income. You dont need to work to excess, but an extra few hours here and there can really pay off in the long-run.
  • Keep your hands out of this jar: Sure, a good deal on a new smartphone may make it tempting, but dont tap into your house savings. Its off-limits.
  • Lets not forget to save towards closing costs: On top of your down payment, youre also going to have to pay taxes and other closing costs.
  • Where Jamaica Ny Goes For Mortgages And Home Loans

    Located in the Queens borough of New York City sits the neighborhood of Jamaica. Bordered by neighborhoods such as Hollis, Rochdale Village, and South Ozone Park, Jamaica is a cultural melting pot housing folks with a wide variety of heritage. Known for being a public transportation hub, connecting different parts of the with and JFK Airport, Jamaica is home to many local markets, and eateries, as well as being home to York College. The Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning is another popular attraction.

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    How Do I Get A Loan From The Nht To Purchase Land In Jamaica

    How do you get a loan from the National Housing Trust to purchase land here in Jamaica? Lloyd, who is living overseas asked the question. We reached out to the NHT and advised him, step by step.Here’s his question and our response.

    See Also

    • You must be a current NHT contributor, whether as employed or self-employed individual
    • You must be between the ages of 18 and 6570 years
    • You must have made at least 52 weekly contributions of which 13 must have been made in the last 26 weeks period, immediately before the date of your application
    • You must be a non-homeowner
    • Your spouse must be a non-homeowner
    • You Must have never accessed a loan from the NHT before
  • Get all of the documents that are needed, and take them to the Customer Service Department or the Mortgage Information Department.
  • At the end of this visit, you should obtain an eligibility letter from the NHT. After which you will need to do the following…
  • Prepare all the required prequalification documents outlined in the loans checklist on the NHT website.
  • Contact the NHT to set an appointment for a pre-qualification interview.
  • Attend the prequalification interview and take all the required prequalification documents with you.
  • If successful, you will then be contacted within five working days of the prequalification interview and given a loan interview date
  • Id Like To Preface The Followinginformation By Saying That Id Highly Recommend Finding A Long

    Who Can Qualify For A Mortgage in Jamaica | #PowerTips S2: Ep #2 @mypowerliving

    Spend as much time as possible in that area before taking the dive. It takes time to see the true flavor of a town or parish. The atmosphere in one parish will vary greatly from another. Its much easier to give up a rental than it is to sell a house in what turns out to be a troublesome spot. There are also other advantages that Ill get into later.

    Put a lot of thought into whether the lifestyle, attitudes and Jamaican culture really suit you. You can read about our experiences here and here. Learn from our mistakes and save yourself a few gray hairs!

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    How To Get A Mortgage

    Oran A. Hall, Contributor

    QUESTION: I am 36 years old. I have an insurance policy valued at $3 million. I also have savings of $500,000. I don’t have any outstanding debt. I really want to get a mortgage so I can own a house but I am not sure whether I should use the insurance or what approach I should take. Your advice will be appreciated.

    – Jennifer


    Home ownership is a major goal of many persons and insurance is a major risk-management tool of many, but there is not necessarily a link between the two in the way you are thinking.

    I am not sure what you mean when you say your life insurance policy values $3 million. You could mean that it has a cash value of that amount or, if it is one of those policies with an investment component, you could mean the value of the units, but I doubt it.

    In either case, it would have to be a big policy and you would have to have had it for a pretty long time.

    I believe you are referring to the face value of the policy – the basic sum insured. This would represent the minimum sum that would be payable to your beneficiaries in the event of your death.

    That cannot be used to secure a loan. Loans are secured by the cash value of your policy. It is not easy to obtain a loan against the investment portion of your policy primarily because values fluctuate with the performance of the securities in the investment fund.

    Long-term financing

    The percentages vary by institution and the particular lending programmes of the institution.

    How Have Mortgage Rates Been Changing Over Time

    Interest rates have been on the declinein Jamaica, as a result of the government putting several policies in place to make it cheaper for consumers to borrow, particularly when it comes to home ownership. A few of these initiatives include:

    lowering the policy rate by 350 basis points in 2 years

    lowering stamp duty and transfer tax

    lowering NHT rates and

    increasing the amount that individuals can borrow from the NHT

    These initiatives, in addition to fierce competition in the mortgage sector, have sparked a race to the bottom among lenders to give consumers the best rates to buy a home. The graph below, extracted from information by the Bank of Jamaica, shows the average mortgage rates vs the average policy rates over the past 2 years.

    * Projected Rate for Mortgages. Note that the exact month of the policy rate change is the date closest to the quarter indicated

    Source: Bank of Jamaica and

    So rates have steadily been declining in the general market, but remember the National Housing Trust Rate has historically been much lower than existing market rates. Check my article here on using the NHT to buy a home and learn more about Accessing a Mortgage and Calculating Your Mortgage Costs in your journey to home ownership.

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    Get Closer To Purchasing Your Dream Home Today

    Buying a new home is an exciting journey. You get to imagine the memories you, your family and your friends will create within those walls. Its of the utmost importance that you discover the right home for you.

    However, with so many different homes at so many different prices, it might be intimidating at first. Are you sure you have a big enough deposit? Should you take out a loan? What should you watch out for?

    At the end of the day, it comes down to savings. Saving for a home requires some sacrifices, but its not like youre going to have to live in squalor for the time being. The secret is in making a financial plan, setting a budget, and sticking to it. It may be a tough change at first but, when you are signing the papers and that dream home is actually yours, youll feel on top of the world.

    Loans Because Life Goals Can Get Expensive

    Personal Loans

    Life goals can come with a big price tag. Sometimes, its the good stuff: education, home improvements, starting a business. Sometimes, its the not so good stuff: things like unplanned medical expenses and other unexpected major costs. Whatever life throws at you, we want you to be ready for it.

    **Loan products are offered by JMMB Bank Limited

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    During The Mortgage Process Which Of The Following Would Describe Your Emotional Experience With Your Mortgage Officer

    A majority had positive experiences with their mortgage officers, but less than 1 in 5 indicated that their mortgage officer had negative traits as seen in the graph below.

    Find out more about the mortgage process in my article The First Time Home Owners Guide

    Take the mortgage survey here to give your feedback: .

    How Difficult Is The Property Purchase Process In Jamaica

    There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of property.

    In purchasing property the first step is to make an offer. Upon acceptance by the vendor, a land survey and title search is conducted to confirm if there are any other claims or conflicting interests registered against the property. Once fully satisfied, the buyer is advised to lodge a caveat on the property to prohibit any other interest from being registered against the property, until transfer has been completed.

    There are two kinds of land titles in Jamaica. A common law title is a certificate of ownership used for unregistered lands. However, this is not a full title to the land. Nonetheless, a common law title can be upgraded to a registered title. This registered title is both legal and official. The Registration of Titles Act stipulates that the original must be retained at the Office of Land and Titles, while a duplicate is provided to the proprietor.

    The Agreement for Sale is then prepared, normally by the vendor´s lawyer. It is usually signed by both parties either at the agency or in the presence of a lawyer. The transaction becomes official and binding upon signing the agreement. At the same time, the buyer will be required to pay a deposit of about 10% – 20% of the selling price, depending on what has been agreed upon, and to pay his share of the stamp duty on the transaction.

    It is normal for payment to be made in a number of installments.

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    For Many Years Our Dream Has Been To Own A Home In Jamaica I Have To Admit That We Were Woefully Unprepared For The Process After Three Years And Numerous Rough Days Weve Finally Done It If Youve Ever Considered Buying Property In Jamaica Here Are The Basics To Consider

    Buying our house in Jamaica was one of the most frustrating and, yet, most fulfilling things my husband, Rob, and I have ever done as a couple.

    It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, ranging from pure bliss to blinding rage. Yeah, it can be that good and that bad. Miscommunications, delay after delay, and some crazy demands plagued our adventure. So, check in for a psych evaluation before you even begin. Your relationships, finances and mental status need to be in top-notch shape to tackle the monster we call Buying a home in Jamaica.

    Our desire to buy in Jamaica and potentially spend our retirement years here started 6 years ago.

    We came to Jamaica on vacation and fell in love with it. There were many factors involved. My health improved dramatically, to the point that I felt like my old self. The warmth of the Jamaican people drew us in. The slow-paced, more agrarian lifestyle took us back to our childhoods and soothed our frazzled nerves.

    Maybe Im just that sort of person who falls in love at first sight. I knew from the moment I met my husband, Robin, that I was going to marry him. And I did, three months later. At my age, Ive experienced life. Ive traveled all over the world. Obviously, Ive defined exactly what matters to me and what I refuse to put up with. You could easily say that I know what I want. I fell in love with Jamaica in this same manner.

    Ive noticed that the majority of my retired expat friends here fall into one of two categories.

    Applying For A Caribbean Mortgage

    Apply for TRN from Oversea | How To Buy a House in Jamaica from Overseas Using NHT Loan

    So, at what stage in the property buying process should buyers seek advice on mortgages? We asked Shane Cummins, RBCs Business Development Manager for the Southern Caribbean. Shane believes its best to get advice on mortgages right at the beginning of the property search process. Knowing what amount you can pre-qualify for will allow you to shop for a property with confidence, he says. The pre-qualification amount is valid for up to six months and done at no cost or obligation to the client. You can also take the opportunity at this stage to get advice on the other factors you need to consider and the process involved in buying a home in the Caribbean, he adds. Our professionals are equipped with this information and can take you through step-by-step in the journey to property ownership.

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