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How Much Does An Average Mortgage Cost

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The Average Mortgage Term

Mortgage Rates in U.S. Soar to 3.92%

Mortgage terms on conventional residential mortgages tend to be 25 years, although you can apply for a much shorter or longer period.

The shortest mortgages can run for just six months and the longest up to around 40 years, so there is a fair amount of scope to amend your monthly repayments.

Longer mortgage terms have positives and negatives:

  • Stretching out the repayments for longer will mean that your monthly repayment amount drops.
  • The pitfall is that the repayments will cost more over the lifetime of the mortgage.

Housing prices have risen enormously since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Therefore we have seen a surge in mortgage applications looking for an extended term to improve their affordability.

The governments UK House Price Index reports on average property sales values and how these have changed in the last 12 months:

Property Type
£227,480 +6.2%

Overall, the average home now costs £285,113 and will cost you 9.8% more than last year.

Higher house prices inevitably make it harder for people to buy a larger property as their needs change or for first-time buyers to secure their first home.

Several government schemes such as Help to Buy, the 95% Mortgage Guarantee Scheme, and Shared Ownership may be beneficial if you cannot feasibly save the required deposit.

States With The Highest Average Mortgage Payment

One of the biggest factors driving differences in monthly mortgage payments across states is the difference in housing prices. In general, homeowners in the Northeast and on the West coast pay more for their houses than homeowners anywhere else in the United States. In some cases, higher than average incomes somewhat compensate for these higher than average mortgage payments. However, buying a home in these more expensive states may be a financial stretch, even for people with high incomes.

These are the 10 states with the highest average mortgage payment.

Highest Average Mortgage Payment
$794.00 13.55%

*Except where otherwise specified, the monthly mortgage payment refers to the calculated average monthly mortgage payment using the methodology outlined above.

Realize That Other Expenses May Come Up

Even if your mortgage doesn’t stretch your budget, an unexpected job loss or other event could cause you to struggle to make your mortgage payments. The more affordable a home is in the first place, the better chance youll have of recovering.

Building up an emergency fund is easier if you limit your mortgage payment to 25 percent of your take-home pay. The more cash you have on hand, and the lower your monthly obligations, the better chance youll have of staying afloat if difficult times strike.

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Understanding Median Vs Average Mortgage Payment

When looking at typical mortgage payments, its important to understand the difference between the median and the average. Although both numbers can paint a picture of what you can expect and sometimes are used interchangeably by novices these terms are different and can therefore lead to very different results.

An average is the mean of a set of numbers. Its calculated by taking the total of those numbers divided by the amount of numbers in the set. The median, on the other hand, is the central number in the range meaning half the numbers are lower than the median and half are higher.

When looking at mortgages, medians tend to be more accurate, as averages can be easily impacted by extremely high or low rates. The U.S. Census Bureau reports median payments, which represent a broader range of homeowners across the country.

The Average Mortgage Length

Average Cost of Payday Loans

The length of the mortgage is another contributing factor in the cost of the mortgage. In the UK, mortgage terms start from as short as six months and can be as long as 40 years. The most common length of the mortgage is 25 years but 30, 35 and 40 years are now available with some lenders.

People choose to take out longer terms to allow them to lower their monthly payments, as they are spreading their loan repayments out over a longer period. However, this means that they will end up paying more interest throughout the lifetime of the mortgage .

With house prices have risen dramatically since 2009, mortgages over longer terms have increased in popularity, as applicants look for solutions to affording the house that they want. The average UK house price in March 2009 was £154,452, as published by the Office of National Statistics, compared to the much-increased average price of £234,853 in 2019. This has made it much more difficult for people to buy property, particularly with bigger deposits required now too. The governments Help to Buy scheme has been introduced to help improve house affordability.

House prices also vary massively depending on the area of the UK, with people in London facing the most expensive house prices and therefore the biggest mortgage loans.

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What Is The Average Monthly Mortgage Payment In The Us

The average monthly mortgage payment in the United States is $1029*.

This payment eats up 14.84% of the typical homeowners monthly income. That may seem low, but we are looking at homeowners specifically and homeowners tend to have much higher incomes than the general population, as we note later in this piece. When you add in other housing costs such as property taxes, association dues, utilities and maintenance costs, the median cost of housing jumps to $1,491 for homeowners with a mortgage.

On average, first-time homebuyers face higher monthly payments than the national average. According to research from the Urban Institute, in early 2018, first-time homebuyers bought houses worth $245,320 with an average down payment of $22,561, and an interest rate of 4.43%. Given these figures, first-time borrowers faced a mortgage payment of $1,235 21% more than the average homeowner.

Of course, a homeowners actual mortgage costs depend on a variety of factors, including when a homeowner purchased a home, where the home is located and the terms of the loan. Additionally, the affordability of a monthly mortgage payment depends the cost of the mortgage relative to a homeowners income.

Average Closing Costs By State

ClosingCorp averaged data from more than 2.9 million single-family home purchase transactions in 2020 and calculated the average amount buyers paid in closing costs.

Where you live will have a significant impact on what you’ll owe to close on your house. According to the data, buyers in in Washington, DC, paid about $29,330 in closing costs with taxes, while the average Missouri buyer spent $1,571 to close with taxes.

Here are the average closing costs by state, both with and without taxes owed at closing.

$2,572.39 $2,572.39

Closing costs vary slightly between states. But, property taxes are the biggest factor. Especially in states with high property taxes, the amount you’ll pay at closing will largely depend on whether your loan requires you to pay property taxes at closing.

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How To Lower Mortgage Repayments

There are ways of lowering monthly mortgage repayments including:

  • Increasing the deposit By putting down a larger deposit, the loan to value changes and therefore the risks decrease to the lender, which can lower the interest rate offered.
  • Opting for an interest-only mortgage With this option the capital borrowed is not repaid during the mortgage term and therefore an exit strategy is required to repay the capital.
  • Paying off a lump sum of the mortgage If a mortgage holder faces a change of circumstances, in some cases paying off a lump sum of the mortgage may reduce the monthly repayments. This option would be dependent on the terms of the mortgage as often there is a cap on how much can be overpaid.

If the above options are not viable, it may also be worth exploring if the applicant is eligible for any government schemes available such as Help to Buy or Share Ownership schemes.

Costs Included In A Monthly Mortgage Payment

Interest rates are likely to rise but by how much? | 7.30 | ABC News

In the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey’s data, the monthly mortgage payment includes things like insurance and taxes. In part, it’s because that’s how mortgages actually work oftentimes, you pay for more than just the loan’s principal and interest in your monthly payment.

If your mortgage includes an escrow account, you’ll pay for two costs each month in your monthly mortgage payment:

  • Property taxes: You’ll pay tax on your home to your state and local government, if necessary. This cost is included in your monthly payment if your mortgage includes escrow.
  • Home insurance: To keep your home covered, you’ll need to purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy. The average cost of homeowners insurance is about $1,200 per year.

In addition, mortgage payments can also change based on several factors. Two different people could face very different homeownership costs for the same house, even. There are two big factors that change your monthly payment:

Another monthly cost to consider should be how much you’ll need to save for repairs. In general, the older your home is, the more you should keep on hand for repairs. Utilities like internet, garbage removal, and electricity will also add to your monthly costs of homeownership.

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The Caveat: Average Mortgage Payments Don’t Really Matter

Its important to keep in mind that statistics are just broad, overall trends. The truth is, every mortgage payment is unique. Two homebuyers with identical properties can have very different payments, whether theyre across the country from each other or just down the street.

Thats because mortgage payments are based on a whole slew of factors that vary from one buyer to another. Here are just a few of the things that can make one homeowners mortgage payment different than the next:

  • Down payment size
$1,100 $1,450

In this scenario, Buyer A has a stellar credit score of 760. She qualifies for a 3.75% interest rate as a result. And she makes a 20% down payment of $60,000. Not including property taxes and home insurance, shed see a monthly mortgage payment of $1,111.

On the other hand, Buyer B has notsogreat credit . He qualifies for a 4.25% interest rate and puts down just 10% . His mortgage payment would come out to $1,443 .

Thats a difference of $332 per month or $3,984 per year. Buyer B would also see significantly more paid in interest over the life of the loan.

Cost Based On Location

Location can be a huge determinant when building a house, with New York marking a record high of $950,000 on the higher end and $800,000 in Connecticut. But you are also able to build houses of $250,000 in the outskirts of New York or $300,000 in Connecticut.

Meanwhile, some of the cheaper states to build a house include Georgia , Oregon , and Tennessee .

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Aim To Put 20 Percent Down

The amount of mortgage you can afford also depends on the down payment you make when buying a home. In a perfect world, we recommend a 20 percent down payment to avoid paying mortgage insurance, Neeley says.

When your down payment is less than 20 percent, your costs rise. You typically have to pay private mortgage insurance, which can cost up to 1 percent of the entire loan amount each year until you build up 20 percent equity in your home. On a $240,000 mortgage, thats $200 per month.

Keep in mind that you will have other ongoing costs related to homeownership as well, including taxes, insurance, and utilities. All of these expenses need to be estimated before you settle on a monthly mortgage payment.

Average Monthly Payments On A Mortgage

Average Cost of Payday Loans

How much should you pay on a mortgage each week or month? Of course, it depends on the size of the mortgage, your deposit, the house value and your own incomings and outgoings.

Its really important to make sure you budget, and check you can afford your own repayments our mortgage affordability calculator can help you out.

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Average Mortgage Payments By Region

The decline in mortgage payments will, of course, vary by location. Census Bureau data shows homeowners in the Pacific Census division of the country have the furthest to fall, with average monthly mortgage payments sitting around $2,100.

Heres how average mortgage payments look currently by state and Census division:

  • Pacific $2,096
  • New England $1,912
  • Middle Atlantic $1,856
  • Mountain $1,439
  • South Atlantic $1,437
  • West South Central $1,397
  • West North Central $1,321
  • East North Central $1,296
  • East South Central $1,140

According to an analysis from, theres also a stark difference in average mortgage payments by city.

In San Jose, California, for example, homeowners pay a whopping $4,008 in monthly mortgage costs. Those in Coffeyville, Kansas pay just $205.

Interest: Average Rate Is Below 4% In 2020

Getting the lowest mortgage rate is paramount. The interest rate on a mortgage determines the longterm cost of financing your home.

The lower your mortgage rate, the less youll pay for your loan in the long run. Its that simple.

Take a look at a few examples to see how a halfpercent change in mortgage rates can have a big impact on the interest youll pay over 30 years.

Loan amount
$215,700 $515,700

Using the $250,000 loan amount example: When you drop interest by a halfpercent, you save about $70 per month. That might not seem like a lot.

But over the course of a 30year loan, that 0.5% lower interest rate saves you well over $25,000.

And its easy to find a lower interest rate by simply shopping around with a few different mortgage lenders.

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Average Mortgage Interest Rates As Of May 2021

Rate Type
2 year fixed rate, 95% LTV 3.85%
2 year fixed rate, 75% LTV 1.46%
3 year fixed rate, 75% LTV 1.72%
5 year fixed rate, 75% LTV 1.74%
10 year fixed rate, 75% LTV 2.58%

Please note that mortgage rates vary greatly from one lender to another, as well as there being different deals available with the same lender for different circumstances e.g. Loan to Value amount, applicants credit history, etc.

Therefore, the mortgage interest rates are very attractive for mortgage applicants right now, although there are other factors that are not as attractive, such as the requirement to provide a deposit in order to get a mortgage loan and higher house values.

The current market shows that Halifax are offering an initial rate as low as 1.23% . At the other end of the rates scale are the bad credit mortgages, with Kensington providing an initial rate of 5.59% . So there really is a huge gulf in the interest rates that are available, depending on the applicants circumstances and the details of the loan.

Mortgage Legal Issues In New York

$300,000 Home Mortgage Refinance Closing Costs | Mortgage Refinance Closing Costs Explained

New York has a long history of being a buyer beware state, but some of those concerns have been remedied throughout the years. Currently, sellers must fill out a property condition disclosure statement that contains several pages of questions ranging from whether the property is located in a floodplain to the last date of sewage pumping. The seller only has to disclose what she knows to the best of her knowledge and isnt required to verify statements with an inspection. That due diligence falls on the seller, who is warned at the top of the document that the disclosure is not a substitute for any inspections or tests. Youll still have to research the property using your own means. The disclosure is just one of the pieces of information available to you.

If youre curious how foreclosure works in this state, you might be relieved to know that its favorable for homeowners. New Yorks foreclosure process is judicial, which means the lender has to sue the borrower in order to enforce their rights. This is generally considered more favorable for the homeowner than a non-judicial foreclosure, which means no court involvement and has a quicker timeline from initiation to home auction. With a judicial foreclosure, the lender has to win the lawsuit in order to sell the property at auction. The moment a lawsuit is filed is when the homeowner is considered in foreclosure.

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Average Monthly Mortgage Payment In Boulder Colorado

Summary: Based on the current median home sold price of $954,800 from, along with average mortgage rates for a 30-year fixed jumbo loan at 3.375% and 20-percent down, the average mortgage payment in Boulder is approximately $3,377 as of October 2021.

Just a year ago, the average payment was $2,722 based on a median sold price of $769,500 from October 2020.

Having said that, your monthly payments may be affected by a few parameters such as current interest rates, your credit scores, and the down payment or the equity you have in your home if youre looking to refinance.

For the typical homeowner, mortgage payments in Boulder, Colorado have gradually gone up over the past two years, as a result of home values rising quickly across the region.

As we get into late 2021 & 2022, mortgage rates are expected to rise. The average rate for a 30-year fixed home loan has decreased over the past few months, based on Freddie Macs weekly survey. For Boulder area homeowners, this benefits them if they refinance to reduce their monthly mortgage payment.

One can always pay discount points to buy the rate down to a certain point to secure a lower monthly payment.

Another parameter is the fact that some borrowers, such as those who are self-employed, may not qualify if they provide tax returns because they have large deductions. However, their income is still strong according to what is deposited. We can certainly help with that type of low doc loan.

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