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Why Do Mortgage Loans Get Transferred

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Your Loan Payments Are Unchanged

Dave, Why Do You Hate VA Home Loans?

Even though your mortgage was sold to Freddie Mac, there is no change to the way you make your mortgage payment.

You must continue to send your payments to the company listed on your mortgage statement.

The selling of your mortgage to Freddie Mac does not change the terms or conditions of your mortgage, and your payment obligations remain the same.

If you have questions about your mortgage or mortgage payment, contact your servicer, which is the company you make your mortgage payments to, using the contact information on your mortgage statement. Do not contact Freddie Mac.

Will My Loan Change

The details of your loan your mortgage rate, terms and other agreements will not change if your home loan is sold by your current lender. Those details are locked into your contract and will remain the same as they did on the day you closed on your home.

What you need to look out for are potential changes in your loan servicer.

When lenders sell your home loan to institutions like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or the three main government agencies, they sometimes retain servicing rights. This means theyll still handle all the home loan servicing.

As a customer, this means youll still deal with the same lender you financed your home through. Your service wont be interrupted and you likely wont even notice any differences. Your lender will send you a letter if your home loan changes investors, with all of the specific information regarding this transaction, and will note that your servicing will remain the same.

Not all banks and lenders are able to keep home loan servicing after a loan has been transferred, however. If this is the case, your servicing will transfer to another lender. When your loan is sold, you’ll be notified of this change with a transfer notice within 30 days of the loan sale. When you receive this notice, your lender will let you know if your servicing was transferred and will provide details with your new contact information.

Who Receives Your Next Mortgage Payment

If you have received both letters or have verified the mortgage loan transfer with your old servicer, be sure to send all payments from that point on to your new servicer. Sending your payment to the old servicer runs the risk of delayed payment. Though, there is a 60-day grace period where you will not receive a late fee if you paid the wrong mortgage servicer.

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Qualifying For A Ported Mortgage

First and foremost, before your mortgage can be ported, youll have to make sure that it actually qualifies for portability. Initially, before you signed the mortgage contract that you have now, your lender should have mentioned the option of porting it, if its a feature that they offer. So, if you dont already have a mortgage, but want one that has the option of porting , make sure to ask your lender about it. Remember, once the contract is signed, the terms dictated within cannot be changed on a whim. If the contract doesnt include a portability feature, you wont be able to renegotiate for one, if you ever decide to move. While the majority of lenders do automatically feature the portability option in all their mortgage contracts, its good to ask about it, just in case.

Unfortunately, depending on both your lenders standards and the circumstances of your new mortgage, there are other situations when you might not qualify to port your mortgage. For instance, porting can also depend on the interest rate youve been paying on your current house. Some lenders wont allow you to port unless youre already paying a fixed rate, meaning your rate does not fluctuate at all. If youve been paying a variable rate , you may not be able to port your mortgage. In that case, you would first have to switch to a fixed rate before you would qualify for portability.

Why do different lenders offer different rates? Find out here.

For more information on blended mortgages, read this.

What Happens When Your Student Loan Servicer Gets Bought

Why Do Mortgage Loans Get Transferred

When your loan servicer gets bought or your loans are transferred, you will receive a notice from your current student loan servicer and a welcome letter from your new servicer. The promissory note that you sign for each new student loan requires both the old and the new servicer to notify you of the change. You should receive a letter from each of them when there is a servicer transfer.

While loan terms wont change if your student loan servicer changes, it can lead to a confusing shuffling of funds, some of which take borrowers by surprise. You will see a different servicer on your credit reports, and youll need to familiarize yourself with different customer support. The new servicer may also have a different website or payment plan options. The new servicer should communicate any significant changes in the welcome letter.

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Review Homeowners Insurance Policy

Your loan servicer will likely notify your homeowners insurance carrier that your loan has transferred to new servicer. Make sure to review your next policy renewal notice to verify that the change has been made. If the policy hasn’t been updated, contact your insurance company to ensure they update your loan servicing information.

What Is A Mortgage Lender

A mortgage lender is the bank, credit union or other financial institution you borrow money from to buy a home. They review your credit, income, assets and other pertinent information to determine whether you can qualify for a loan.

Lenders also handle the processing and underwriting of your mortgage before providing the funds at the closing table.

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Help Borrowers Resolve Problems

Servicers also have to respond to borrowers requests for information about their accounts, including inquiries about errors. If you find an error in your account, your servicer is required to look into it and either correct it or notify you that no error occurred.

Servicers also work with struggling borrowers to help them avoid foreclosure, and they initiate foreclosures when borrowers consistently cant keep up.

  • If you fall behind on your mortgage payments, your servicer is required to contact you in writing by the 45th day of your delinquency and tell you what loss mitigation options are available. Loss mitigation options include loan modification and short sale.
  • If your mortgage is more than 120 days delinquent, the servicer may be able to start the foreclosure process.

These rules have been significantly altered under the coronavirus pandemic for homeowners whose mortgages are owned by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, the two big government-sponsored entities. The government placed a moratorium through the end of 2020 prohibiting foreclosures on these loans.

My Home Has Been Damaged By A Natural Disaster What Do I Do

What is Business Loan Transfer? Why Should you Opt for Business Loan Transfer? | HDFC Bank

We hope that you are safe and we understand this may be a difficult time. We want you to know we arehere to support you in any way that we can.

Fairway has a dedicated toll-free number and a dedicated email center.

  • Disaster Assistance Hotline: 877-651-2770 – our representatives will answer your call Monday thruFriday, 8:30am 5:00pm CST.
  • Email:

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Change In A Federal Student Loan Servicer

Your federal student loan servicer could change for a few reasons. You may experience a change because the U.S. Department of Education ended its contract with your servicer, a process that could be affecting more borrowers in the coming year.

You will also experience a servicer change if you sign up for Public Service Loan Forgiveness . Right now, the U.S. Department of Education has only one servicer that manages accounts enrolled in the PSLF program. So if you sign up for this program or others like it, you may get a new student loan servicer. You will also get a new servicer if you take out a Direct Consolidation Loan, though in this case you will be able to choose your preferred servicer.

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Student Loan Default: These Borrowers Could Be Next For Forgiveness

There are more than 8 million student loan borrowers who are in student loan default, which typically is defined as not making a student loan payment for at least 270 days. According to the latest student loan debt statistics, more than 93% of student loan borrowers who were in default before the Covid-19 pandemic are still in student loan default today due to continued financial struggles. In a letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote that certain student loan borrowers in default should get student loan forgiveness and be removed from student loan default status. Warren has been a leading advocate to help student loan borrowers get student loan forgiveness and to delay the end of temporary student loan forbearance beyond January 31, 2022. . Given the latest updates on the Covid-19 pandemic, Warren is concerned that student loan borrowers arent prepared financially to restart student loan payments. Once student loan payments begin on February 1, borrowers in student loan default may face student loan debt collections, become subject to wage garnishment and struggle to make student loan payments. Warrens solution is simple: cancel federal student loans for borrowers who have been in student loan default for an extended period of time.

Who Buys Mortgage Loans

Why Do Mortgage Loans Get Transferred

So now we know why your mortgage loan may be sold, well take a look at who may buy it. After all, it would be good to know exactly who you owe your money too wouldnt it?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac purchase the majority of the mortgage loans on the secondary market.

Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac is the more familiar name of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation . After buying mortgages, Freddie Mac bundles multiple loans together and sells shares in those bundles on the financial markets as Mortgage Backed Securities.

The FHLMC makes a guarantee that investors who buy these shares will receive a guaranteed payment each month, and the US Government Treasury Department backs this guarantee.

Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae is the Federal National Mortgage Association, and like Freddie Mac, they also buy mortgages, bundle them together into mortgage-backed securities and then sell shares in the MBS on the financial markets.

Again, as with Freddie Mac, investors receive a monthly payment, and this is backed by the US Treasury Department.

The main difference between the two is that Fannie Mae buys mortgages from the larger banks and Freddie Mac purchases loans from smaller lenders.

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Special Considerations For Transfer Of Mortgage

Lenders who want to deter a transfer of mortgage might include a clause in the mortgage that requires the remaining balance of the loan to be due on the sale of the property. This due on sale clause ensures that when homeowners sell their houses, they cannot transfer the mortgage to the buyer . These clauses in effect require the seller to repay the full outstanding balance on the loan, perhaps with the sale proceeds, and likewise compel the buyer to take out a new mortgage to make the purchase.

Under the 1982 Garn-St. Germain Act, lenders cannot enforce the due-on-sale clause in certain situations even though ownership has changed.

It is possible to avoid triggering such a due on sale clause by transferring the mortgage to an immediate family member, or to a spouse from whom one is legally separated or divorced. Further, the transfer may be a result of an inheritance following the death of the borrower, and the family member is moving into the home. In such an instance, the lender might not have grounds to prevent the transfer of the mortgage. If the property is transferred to a living trust and the borrower is the trusts beneficiary, the mortgage can also be transferred as well, usually.

Some Features Might Disappear

If youve consolidated your loans with another company, you might lose some enticing features, like automatic biweekly payments instead of monthly payments.

If you set up something similar with your new servicer, specify where you want your extra payment to be going. Some servicers might not automatically put it toward interest.

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Key Considerations During The Transfer

There are no rights that consumers hold when it comes to their loan servicers getting bought, says Mark Kantrowitz, student loan expert and former vice president of research of But there are a few things that borrowers can look out for to make sure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

Kantrowitz offers the following advice.

Interest And Partial Principal

Should You Get A Mortgage From A Bank Or A Mortgage Broker?

In the U.S. a partial amortization or balloon loan is one where the amount of monthly payments due are calculated over a certain term, but the outstanding balance on the principal is due at some point short of that term. In the UK, a partial repayment mortgage is quite common, especially where the original mortgage was investment-backed.

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What Happens When Your Mortgage Is Sold

When your mortgage is sold, a new company is typically buying the servicing rights. Those rights include collecting and processing the payments, along with all the additional regular duties that come with mortgages. Those duties may include making disbursements from an escrow account to taxing authorities and property insurers. There are some entities that specialize in taking care of those servicing obligations.

Prior to your mortgage being sold, youll receive a heads-up about the new servicer. Federal law dictates that you must receive a notice about the change at least 15 days prior to the switch. Then, within 30 days, the new owner of the mortgage is required to send you its name, address and contact number.

About The Home Loan Transfer Process

There are a lot of things to consider when going through a home loan transfer. Whether your home loan is through a mortgage company or a bank, the transferring process is usually a bundle of several loans. Servicing means the collection of payments and management of operational procedures related to mortgages. In turn, when your mortgage loan is sold to a new lender, they will handle the management of your entire loan, including payments, escrow accounts, insurance, and taxes. The selling or transfer can take place immediately after closing of your home loan or years later. And this can happen several times throughout the life of your mortgage loan.

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Just Because Your Account Says $0 Doesnt Mean Your Loans Have Magically Disappeared

While it would be a welcomed miracle for an entire balance to get lost in the transition, its highly unlikely that will happen.

Some student loan holders log in to their accounts and see a balance of $0, as well as expected payments being $0, as close as a week before the payment due date. However, even so, youll need to continue making payments regularly to avoid defaulting.

How Does Having My Mortgage Loan Sold Change Things For Me

Why Do Mortgage Loans Get Transferred

In reality, having your loan sold to a new servicer wont impact you much beyond writing a different name on the mortgage check or processing your monthly payment on a different website. The terms you agreed to at your closing loan type, term and interest rate will stay the same.

Overall, having your loan transferred to a new mortgage loan servicing company is very common and generally goes smoothly. I say generally, because mistakes can happen: If you notice your payment or loan terms have changed or something else doesnt seem quite right, definitely contact the new company. If you cant resolve the issue with them, you can also file a claim through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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What Is A Mortgage Transfer

A transfer of a mortgage is when a borrower re-assigns an existing home loan to another person or entity.

In essence, this transfers all responsibilities associated with the mortgage and lien on the property to somebody new, explains Rene Segura, head of consumer lending for FBX, the banking division of Informa Financial Intelligence, based in Dallas.

This transfer, or assignment, is usually only allowed when the mortgage is assumable, says Rajeh Saadeh, a Somerville, New Jersey-based real estate attorney. When transferring an assumable mortgage, the new borrower agrees to make all future payments at the original interest rate, and any legal obligations the original borrower has to the loan are typically severed.

Mortgage Loan Transfer Guide

Your monthly mortgage payment is paid to whats called a mortgage servicer. Sometimes it is the company that you originally called to get the mortgage. Other times, its a new company thats taken over since the transfer of your loan. It is common for a loan to be transferred in the mortgage industry. And you can feel confident that if it happens, you will receive the necessary communications to keep you updated on who oversees it and who to send payments to.

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