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What Are Club Seats At Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

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Things To Do Around The Arena

Lots of changes have come to the new Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, including how to find your seat

Much of Clevelands downtown restaurant and nightlife scene sits a few blocks from Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse particularly along Prospect Avenue, just a block away.

East Fourth Street, an alleyway full of restaurants and bars that is often used for sports-themed backdrops whenever a Cleveland team is involved in a big event, is a great place to start when looking for pregame eats and drinks and the arena is a straight shot away.

The blocks just west of Ontario Street offer plenty of bars and restaurants as well. Whichever way you choose, youll find some brand-name establishments as well as some Cleveland-only spots, but all of them are more than happy to welcome sports fans before and after games.

Another option, if youre into this sort of thing: The JACK Cleveland Casino , which conveniently enough connects to the Horseshoe Casino Garage via pedestrian bridge.

Since much of the parking around Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse lies just north, its easy to arrive at the game early, park and then enjoy one of the eateries in downtown Cleveland before heading to your event.

The Public Art Program

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse’s art program includes works made especially for the transformed venue, its team and the Cleveland community. Each piece within the arena was selected to convey the spirit of sportsmanship and power of resilience.

The collection contains site-specific pieces from some of the most important contemporary artist working today. There are over 100 pieces of art in the collection throughout the arena, 22 diverse local, national and international artists.

A few pieces you need to see:

  • A 20-foot sculpture by the NY-based artist KAWS. This is the first-time KAWS work as appeared in Cleveland.
  • A large-scale mural from artist Shepard Fairey, widely-known for his President Barack Obama “Hope” poster. This is Fairey’s first piece to appear in Cleveland as well.
  • Pastel drawings by emerging local artist Paul Verdell featuring drawings of famous plays in Cavaliers history. This artwork spans the entire hallway on the Everstream Founders Level.
  • Immersive works by Sam Friedman and Thrush Holmes that span four vertical stories on the escalators.

The Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Design Story

Everyone wants to feel special. But not everyone wants luxury. Its a balance that relies on curating a range of experiences from uber lux to tiny lux, according to Matt Rossetti, President of ROSSETTI.

In the context of venue design, what does luxury really mean? We define it as creating a connection to indigenous location, weaving in brand and cultural influences, and elevating through sponsorship. The more original the ideas, the details, and the materials, the higher the scale of luxury.

Our clients are keen observers of what is being done in other venues, says Kelly Deines, Principal and Creative Director at ROSSETTI. It can become overwhelming, and staff departments often have competing ideas. A balanced premium strategy has to be personalized to the culture of the team and city. A holistic masterplan will help provide clarity.

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Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Tour: Huntington Club Level

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Were taking a look, level by level, of the renovated Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse. Today: Huntington Club level.

Level: C – Huntington Club.

What it contains: Portals 40-49, club suites 1-34. Westfield Champions Club, Huntington Legends Club, bridge to Gateway East Garage. The level also is home to the old practice court, which is still used by players of both teams . And Bridges, a private-event space, can be rented out. This area is so named because of its vantage of many of the bridges in Cleveland.

New: Huntington Legends Club is billed as “dinner and a show.” Two tables for four with banquette seating and chairs sit in the outer suite area. Photos of Cavs legends are posted along the walls. A theater-like curtain hangs in the doorway. Enter through the curtain and find four plush chairs resembling first-class airline seats with personal charging outlets on each one.

Don’t miss: A meeting-area notch in the corridor has a great view of the city .

In the meeting-area notch hang two beautiful pieces of basketball-themed art – hanging nets on one side face deflated basketballs on the other.

Dining options: Symon Burger Joint is adjacent to the Crown Royal bar.

Architectural/design touches: Concert art lines the walls, and horizontal lit neon strips hang in the rotunda. Some of the ticketed seats in this area are dubbed “Moscow Mule seats,” as they resemble the copper cups used for the drink.

Heres a recap of our coverage:


Cost comparisons

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Seating Chart With Seat Numbers

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse Club 109

Where is seat number? To know where your seats are within a section is very easy. The direction of the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse seat numbers within a row is consistent, so seat number 1 will always be closer to the section next to it with the lower section number. For example seat number 1 in section 109 will be on the aisle next to section 108, while seat number 18 in section 109 will be on the aisle next to section 110 .

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Access Bringing Guests & Day

Can I bring people into the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse suite that do not have suite tickets?

Only guests with suite tickets are permitted to enter your Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse suite. Venues monitor the capacity of the suites very closely, and inviting guests into the suite without a suite ticket is strictly prohibited.

Do kids need tickets to get in?

At most venues, infants two and under are free! All children 3 and older require a ticket.

How early can I get into the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse suite, and how long after the event is over can we stay?

Each venue differs, but most suites open when the gates to the event open. Generally speaking, you will be able to stay in your suite for one hour after the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse event ends.

Can I use a Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse suite to host a meeting before my event?

Leveraging an event is a great way to draw an audience for a meeting, product demonstration, or presentation. Many venues are equipped to host your meeting either in the suite or in a meeting room in the venue. Were happy to help you coordinate these details with the venue!

Is parking included?

Parking details will be outlined in both the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse premium seating listing and suite contract. If you’d like to secure parking for your event, notify your suite expert.

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Event Tickets

Never miss a tipoff and secure your Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse tickets today. With seating for more than 19,000, Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is the perfect place to see your favorite sports and entertainment stars. Located in downtown Cleveland, this multi-purpose arena is home to the NBAs Cleveland Cavaliers and the AHLs Cleveland Monsters. The arena opened its doors and ticket office in 1994. It was first called the Gund Arena and became the Quicken Loans Arena in 2005 through 2019.

As one of the largest arenas in the NBA, Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is a frequent site for concerts and other athletic events, such as regional NCAA Division semi-final games, U.S. Figure Skating Championships and national conventions. WWE Wrestling and UFC fighting have been at the fieldhouse as well. Rocket Mortgage also draws amazing music artists, including Cher, Michael Bublé and The Lumineers. Get your TicketSmarter Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse tickets now with a few clicks of a mouse to get the best seats available, and join fellow fans cheering on your favorite team or performer. The venue is located at 1 Center Court, Cleveland, OH 44115.

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Cavs & Monsters Games

For Cavs and Monsters games, protocols will be consistent with health and safety guidelines put forth by the NBA and NHL/AHL. Fans will be required to wear a mask that covers both mouth and nose when inside the venue and in their seats unless actively eating or drinking. No additional protocols are required for Cavs or Monsters games, though, except for the NBA mandate that fans seated within a 15-foot perimeter of the player bench and sitting in the first row around the entire court must show proof of vaccine or a negative COVID test taken 48 hours prior to the game.

  • for close proximity guidelines at Cavs games.

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How Are The Seat Numbers In Floor Section B We Bought Tickets That Are Seat #3 And #4 In Section Fl3 Row B Are These Seats On The Inside Of The Section Toward Section Fl2 Or Are They Closer To Section 110

A look back at the renovation of Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

For a traditional end-stage concert at the Q like Bruno Mars there are between 1 and 16 seats in each row of Section 110. As you face the stage from this section, seat 1 is on the left aisle closer to the center of the stage. Having seats 3 and 4 is on the side you want to be on.

Other floor seat numbers for the most common setup:

  • Floor 2: 16-18 seats with seat 1 on left aisle
  • Floor 1: 14-16 seats with seat 1 on right aisle

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Seating Chart For Concerts

The floor configuration differs for each concert, but generally there are nine floor sections, starting with 1, 2 and 3 being the closest to the stage sections 4, 5 and 6 typically have the same amount of rows as well. Floor 7, 8 and 9 are the furthest and the rows go from row A to G. The seat numbers work in the same way as discussed above, so seat 1 of floor section 3 will be towards the center of the stage next to section 2, and seat number 17 of section 3 will be on the aisle furthest away from the stage. Typically the best seats are in floor 2, but you can save a lot of money and still get great seats by getting tickets in floor 1 or 3.

Choreographing The Customer Experience

ROSSETTIs design focused on the parameters of each club from specific fan perspectives. There are distinct experiences with clear stories and pathways while maintaining the overall branding and design themes. The design intent also aligns with operations to ensure efficiency.

The fun of working on sports hospitality projects, and especially for Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, is to choreograph a series of hospitality spaces, designing them on a parallel path, yet with clear distinctions from one club space to another, says Deines.

A total of 62 suites have been reimagined and redone. Seven membership spaces are now available throughout the facility, accommodating member groups from 100 to 500 or more.

One of the special club areas is the Huntington Legends Club, which subtly celebrates the notion of Clevelands birth in 1796 as well as its industrial history and growth. Guests can dine in large communal areas and watch events from private theater box seating.

The team repurposed an old weight room and practice facility to become the Bacardi Ocho Signature Lounge, a dramatic 2,000-square-foot space with a ground floor view of the players coming out of the locker room. High-end materials reflect the natural metals of the region and nod to Clevelands maker history.

In addition, suites were reduced into theater boxes, club boxes, club seating, and banquette seating to meet a number of different price and experience segments. Theres something for everyone.

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Cirque Du Soleil Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Tickets

The average price youll pay for a seat to see Cirque du Soleil – Crystal is $168.00. Seats in the front row and Cirque du Soleil meet-and-greets with the performers are always the most expensive ticket options. These premium Cirque du Soleil – Crystal tickets can cost as high as $293.00. Visitors looking for deals on Cirque du Soleil – Crystal Cleveland tickets will enjoy the prices available for seats located in the back of the venue. These seats often start as low as $89.00 a ticket.

Are Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Suites Less Expensive Than Regular Tickets

Club 106 at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

No, suites are more expensive than other Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse tickets. Suites are not the same as group pricing. The per-person cost of a suite may be similar to purchasing club-level seating with similar views.

General Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse Suite Capacity: 15-20 guests

Common Suite Amenities: Five-star catering available for order, comfortable seating, high-end decor

Comming Club Seat Amenities: Comfortable extra-padded seats, in-seat wait service, exclusive club lounge access

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Private Suites

Do Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse private suite rentals and other premium tickets include catering?

No, but your SuiteHop customer service expert will be happy to assist you in placing a catering order for a private suite rental. Refer to the notes in the specific Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse private suite listing for exact details on what is included with your purchase. We recommend that you budget $75 – $125 per guest for a full catering spread including appetizers, entrees, alcoholic beverages, and dessert.

Catering is not available to pre-purchase with shared suites and is not available with club seats. Club ticket holders typically have access to upscale food and beverage options within the exclusive lounge access. All Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse premium ticket holders have access to the variety of concessions throughout the venue.

Is seating assigned in private Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse suites?

Private suites offer a flexible space for you to enjoy your event. All Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse suite seats provide a similar view of the action. Most private suites are seated first come first serve.

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Event Schedule

The Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse event schedule is filled with NBA basketball, concerts, wrestling, rodeos, hockey and more. It is the premier arena in the Cleveland, Ohio area. If you are a basketball fan, watch the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the Atlanta Hawks, Boston Celtics or New York Knicks.

If you are looking to take in a concert, you can quickly secure tickets online at TicketSmarter to see Harry Styles, Alan Jackson, Foo Fighters or JoJo Siwa. This world-class facility hosts a multitude of sporting and music events showcasing top NBA and NHL match-ups and star talents. Check available dates and times above and purchase your TicketSmarter seats online for the next exciting spectacle!

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Breakdown Of The Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Seating Chart

Image Credit:

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, formerly known as Quicken Loans Arena as well as Gund Arena, has been home to the Cleveland Cavaliers since 1994. The arena enjoyed vibrant years during Lebron James tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Since James departure, however, attendance at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse has been on the decline. Nevertheless, the venue is an excellent place to see a professional basketball game, and is located in the thriving Gateway District in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Our staff wanted to provide a thorough breakdown of the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse seating chart to help basketball fans decide where to sit before purchasing their Cleveland Cavaliers tickets.

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Club Seats

Economic impact of the new Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Ask A Friend To Go With You!

  • On-Time Delivery

As one of the largest VIP ticket marketplaces, weve helped 55,000 + fans fulfill their live event needs by consistently offering lower prices, a larger selection, and by having live customer support on call from 7AM-1AM EST!

Clients enjoy quick, simple, accurate ordering and delivery.

We are your trusted VIP Ticket Source!

If you’re interested in booking great Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse club seats, you’ll find what you’re looking for when you check out the list of options. Knowing where to buy tickets is one thing, but deciding where to sit can be quite problematic. This is why it is recommended that you go through the seating layout of the venue before deciding to book a ticket out of sheer randomness. Getting Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse club seats can significantly enhance your experience at the event. So, take your time and go through the seating plans and charts to find great club seats for a superior experience.

Maybe you are looking for concert tickets, sports, or theater tickets.

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Luxury Space To Enjoy Your Event

Your premium Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse seats will offer you the best views of the stadium and an exclusive space to enjoy your event. SuiteHop has access to a variety of premium seating options like luxury suites, private boxes, and exclusive club seats at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse and across North America.

Private suites are best for groups of 10 to 20 guests. SuiteHop recommends club seats or shared suites for smaller groups with 2 to 8 guests.

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Ticket Delivery

When can I expect the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse tickets for my event?

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse tickets are digital and will be transferred to you by email. On occasion, suite tickets are not released until several days before the event date. On the rare occasion, your tickets are hard-printed, we will ship the suite tickets for your event as soon as possible. Don’t worry, we guarantee we will always get your tickets to you in time for your event.

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Where To Sit At Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse recently conducted a $185 million renovation that brought the venue up to a comparable standard of the most modern NBA arenas. Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is a fairly symmetrical arena with lower level seating, club seating on the 2nd level, and upper level seating. Well begin by discussing the lower level seats.

The lower level seats at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse consist of the following sections.

  • Sections 1 through 22
  • Sections 101 through 126
  • Sections M101 through M104
  • Sections M110 through M118
  • Sections M123 through M126

Sections 1 through 22 provide guests with access to numerous premium seating areas including the Signature Lounge, Courtside Club, and Champions Club . The Cleveland Cavaliers bench is located in front of section 106. The visiting teams bench is located in front of section 109. The Cleveland Cavaliers’ player tunnel is located near section 105. The visiting team’s tunnel at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse is located near section 123.

The Courtside Club is the largest private club at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, and is ideal for businesses that wish to network and socialize during Cleveland Cavaliers home games.

The perks for the Courtside Club at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse include the following.

  • Located near the players parking garage
  • Courtside Club is equipped with a biergarten, flat-screen HD televisions, upscale seating, private bars, buffet stations
  • Sections 1, 2, 6
  • Sections 9, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22

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