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How To Remove Name From Mortgage

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There Are 5 Steps To Remove A Name From The Property Deed:

How to Remove a Name From a Mortgage

1. Discuss property ownership interests.

Speak with any co-owners to reach an agreement about which names will be removed from the title and why. If removing your name, agree on your share of the property, who it will be transferred to and how the ownership structure is formed.

When transferring property ownership, youll use one of two deeds of conveyance:

  • A quitclaim deed.States that you have the right to transfer a property with no legal assurance that anybody else claims to own it.
  • A warranty deed.States that you have the right to transfer a property with an explicit assurance nobody else claims to own it.

Quitclaim deeds work for most changes of ownership. While filing requirements vary by state, theyre typically as straightforward as obtaining and filling out the proper form, having it notarized and filing it with the county. The process for filing a warranty deed is basically the same.

However, a warranty deed can be more appropriate in situations when there are multiple owners. It can also prevent future challenges to ownership because it clearly indicates the transferring partys right to change the ownership.

2. Access a copy of your title deed.

Youll need to get a copy of the title deed to verify that it currently includes the name youd like to remove. Get a copy of the title deed from your county clerks office. In some cases, you may be able to order the deed online.

3. Complete, review and sign the quitclaim or warranty form.

Would Selling A House Work To Remove A Name From The Mortgage

Finally, in many situations involving a divorce, the couple may decide that neither one of them wants to keep the home, there is always the option of selling the home. This would essentially remove all parties obligations to the mortgage. If the mortgage is considered underwater, a short sale may be necessary to move the property. However, the short sale can significantly impact your credit score, and there are times loan companies request that you pay the difference between the short sale and the balance of the loan.

Obtaining A Release Of Liability

  • 1Contact your lender to request a Release of Liability. A Release of Liability is exactly what it sounds like. It releases one person from the liability of the mortgage and hence, removes that persons name from the mortgage.XResearch source The person staying on the mortgage will need to demonstrate that they can pay the monthly payment.
  • 2Submit documentation to the lender proving the financial status of the person staying on the mortgage. Typically, items like pay stubs, tax returns, and bank statements are submitted to show a persons financial situation. The lender will also check the credit history and score for the person staying on the mortgage.
  • 3Receive the Release of Liability documentation from your lender. Read the Release of Liability thoroughly to ensure it releases you from liability for the mortgage. It is advisable to get an attorney to review the document. An attorney can also prepare and file property records transferring the property from you to the other person. Advertisement
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    What Is A Transfer Of Equity

    Understanding your change

    When you applied for your current mortgage, we looked at your income and spending commitments to make sure you could afford the repayments. Changing the people who are responsible for the payments, also known as a transfer of equity, means we need to make sure that youre not overstretching your finances. It also helps you make sure you can afford the payments now and in the future.

    A new mortgage contract

    A transfer of equity means youre changing the people who are legally responsible for paying off the mortgage. So well need to look at the income, financial commitments, location and circumstances of everyone you want to be named on the mortgage this is to make sure its still affordable, and that everyone whos applying to be added to the mortgage is eligible. During your appointment, well discuss whether a new rate, or even a new mortgage type, may be better for your new needs.

    What you need to do

    Book a mortgage appointment with us you should also start gathering documents that support your income and spending, like payslips, utility bills and details of loans or credit agreements. You might need to ask a solicitor or conveyancer to check that everything is in good legal order before confirming any changes. In fact, we recommend that you get some legal advice to make sure your interests are protected.

    Which Lenders Have You Already Tried

    How to Freeze Your TransUnion Credit Report Online

    Select the tiles below to continue:

    Author:Pete Mugleston– Mortgage Advisor, MD

    With the unpredictability of the mortgage market, we want you to have complete confidence in our service, and trust that you’re getting the best available rate and the highest chance of mortgage approval.

    If you’re concerned or confused about what to do next, Get In Touch and we’ll match you with a Specialist who’ll give you the right advice for you and your circumstance.

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    Furnish Proof Of Your Individual Income Demonstrate Your Sole Repayment Capacity

    Prove your ability to repay the entire loan without the co-borrowers financial contribution. To convince your lender, you may have to show sufficient income by submitting your salary slips and providing copies of your bank statements. If you want to get another co-borrower on board, you may have to nominate a guarantor for the interim until you decide on a suitable candidate.

    Are You The Borrower On The Other Side Of The Split Dont Just Quitclaim Get Off The Mortgage Too

    Signing ownership over to your separating partner, or anyone else? Then disengage from the mortgage using one of the three ways we have outlined if youre in divorce proceedings, follow your attorneys guidance.

    What if you dont come off the mortgage? If your former co-borrower faithfully repays the mortgage servicer, great. Your credit profile will stay intact. But if that person one day stops paying, your good credit will be at stake. Eventually, the lender will ask you to pay off the balance. So, if you agree to transfer title to your co-owner, or are directed to do so by a judge, get off the mortgage.

    Language in the court order or in your mortgage contract may direct the lender to release you upon the title transfer. More commonly, your co-owner can obtain a new contract that lets you off the hook through refinancing, modifying, or assuming the mortgage. When you come off the mortgage, get a release of liability. This prevents a lender from pursuing you in the event of a future default.

    Still on the mortgage and not sure what to do next? Consult with a lawyer about the optimal contractual arrangement you can make to ensure the mortgage can be paid and your interests are protected. You might be better off selling the house in the first place . If its too late for that, you might be able to seek a court order to be released from the debt.

    Supporting References

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    What You Can Do

    If you are facing unexpected financial hardship, it is worth contacting your lender and asking for a break on the monthly mortgage payments or switching to interest-only payments. This can be done without damage to your credit report . Although your credit score will not be affected it is worth noting that you may not be able to remortgage when wanting a new mortgage deal for several months after.

    You also have three other options available:

  • sell the property and transfer out,
  • buy each other out of the mortgage obligations,
  • convince the co-owner to fulfil their responsibilities towards repaying mortgage debt.
  • In order to buy them out, you must be able to afford the mortgage without assistance. To ensure that you get the outcome you desire, its highly recommended that you consult with an expert before approaching your current lender as this limits your options and a potential decline could damage your chances of success.

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    Apply For A Loan Assumption

    How can I get my spouse’s name off the mortgage?

    This is one of the easiest ways of removing someone from a mortgage. All you need to do is notify your lender that you will now be the only one listed on the mortgage and that you wish to apply for a loan assumption. This essentially means that you are now the only borrower, although the terms of the loan remain unchanged.

    Remember to request a release of liability from your lender. This essentially frees you from the responsibility of repaying the loan should your ex-spouse fail to do so. According to LendingTree, Federal Housing Administration lenders may charge up to $900 for a loan assumption.

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    How Do I Remove A Person From A Mortgage Without Refinancing

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    When two of you signed on the loan and one wants out, it’s time to talk to the lender. Whether the person who wants out is a co-borrower spouse or a co-signer friend or investment partner, the lender’s not going to jump at the change. It currently has two individuals to look to for mortgage payments, and won’t be in a hurry to scratch off one name. Usually refinancing is your best bet, although in some cases, a loan assumption is possible. But the lender is sure to take a long, hard look at your finances before removing the other person.


    Once you’ve secured your new financing in your name only, a quitclaim deed has to be signed, with the spouse giving up all rights to the property. This is done in the presence of the lender and notarized.

    Whose Names Go On The Mortgage

    Obtaining a joint mortgage is often easier than qualifying for a mortgage on your own. Applying for a mortgage with another person lets you combine your incomes so you can qualify for a higher loan amount, and the lender will consider both borrowers’ credit scores when reviewing the application. However, once you and your co-borrower agree to a joint mortgage, removing either name from the loan can be difficult.

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    The Legal Side Of Things

    Dont let the legal side of things intimidate you it is simpler than you think. All that needs to be done is to inform your ex-partners solicitor about removing yourself from the joint mortgage and everything else will follow suit. Theyll then send over some paperwork for a transfer of equity which both parties must sign off on, confirming that they are content with the given figures. Once all documents have been duly filed, solicitors can proceed by notifying the lender and any money due in exchange shall also be handled by these professionals as well!

    Why Would You Remove A Name From A Mortgage

    How To Remove A Name From A Property Deed

    Removing a name from a mortgage can be beneficial for a number of reasons. For instance, if you and your ex-spouse split up and only one person wants to keep the family home, you may have to remove the other persons name in a legal manner before moving forward. Another reason is because maybe you have refinanced your home often and dont want to go through that again. Lastly, another common scenario is that a co-signer may want to remove their name from a mortgage so they are no longer legally and financially responsible for the mortgage payments.

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    Advantages And Disadvantages To Remove Name From Mortgage After Separation

    One of the major downsides of taking a second mortgage as a method of how to buy out your partner in a mortgage Canada is the time and cost involved. First, youll need to make a complete mortgage application just as you were when applying the first time. This process involves filling out quite some paperwork and supplying the necessary documents such as your pay stubs and others to support your financial position. In most cases, it takes about a month for a mortgage application to close.Additionally, refinancing also involves closing costs which range anywhere from 2% to 5% of the loan amount. This can be a significant value, especially if you still have a large outstanding balance on your mortgage. If closing costs are an issue for you, consider rolling the costs into your loan balance so you dont have to pay them upfront. Some lenders may also agree to cover part of these costs if you could settle for a higher interest rate.If we can look at the upsides of refinancing your home, top on the list is the fact that you may just enjoy historically low mortgage rates. As soon as you refinance your mortgage, you may start making lower monthly payments since the interest rate has been reduced. This could actually make the mortgage a lot more affordable to you. You may also choose to refinance the mortgage and take a shorter loan term so that you can still pay off your home within schedule.

    What Happens To A Joint Mortgage After A Separation

    If you are separating or divorcing the person you have a joint mortgage with, there are a few different options of what to do.

    One option is to sell the home. That means you would no longer have any financial ties to each other. But it means both of you will need to find somewhere else to live.

    If both of you want to leave the house, but dont want to give up ownership, then you could explore the option of renting it out. If you do this, either one or both of you can still own the home. If both of you want to still own the home, youll have to split the rent two ways, and youll still be on a joint mortgage with financial ties to each other. If just one of you wants to rent the property out, theyll have to buy out the other from the mortgage.

    One of the most common choices is to have one partner buy the other out and transfer the joint mortgage to one person.

    Use this guide to see your options for buying out your ex-partner: How can you buy a partner out after separation?

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    Refinance The Loan In Your Name Only

    This is an excellent way of removing your ex-spouse from your mortgage, although it can be strenuous. You will only be able to refinance if you possess enough credit and equity, however. Most lenders will require you to prove this by submitting documents that show your debts, income, and credit history. You can provide documentation such as bank statements, pay stubs and W-2 forms. Then, its simply a matter of patiently waiting for these documents to be processed.

    What Do I Do With A Quitclaim Deed

    How can you remove your name from a mortgage?

    You can prepare a quitclaim deed using the Do-It-Yourself Quitclaim Deed tool. If you are the person giving your share of the property to your ex-spouse, sign the quitclaim deed in front of a notary. Then give the quitclaim deed to your ex-spouse or your ex-spouses lawyer. You may deliver it by mail or in person, or someone else may deliver it for you.

    A notary can usually be found at a bank or the court clerkâs office.

    Property transferred in a divorce is usually exempt from county and state real estate transfer taxes. But in some situations, transfer taxes may be due. The person who is not keeping the property is responsible for paying these taxes, unless you agree to a different arrangement. Transfer taxes must be paid before recording the quitclaim deed. You can find out if transfer taxes will be due in the Do-It-Yourself Quitclaim Deed tool.

    If you are the person keeping the property, take the deed to the Register of Deeds and record it after your ex-spouse has signed it and delivered it to you. There will be a $30 recording fee.

    If you prepare a quitclaim deed using the Do-It-Yourself Quitclaim Deed tool, detailed instructions on what to do next will print out along with the deed.

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    Use A Streamline Refinance To Reduce Time And Cost

    If you have an FHA or VA home loan, you may be able to use a Streamline Refinance to remove a co-borrowers name from the mortgage.

    Streamline Refinancing typically doesnt require income or credit approval, and you dont need a new home appraisal. These loans often close faster and cost a bit less than a traditional refinance.

    However, if you want to remove your ex-spouses name from the mortgage using a Streamline Refi, the lender may need to pull your credit report. It depends on your situation.

    • The FHA Streamline may allow you to remove a name without credit and income verification if the remaining borrower can prove theyve made the past six months mortgage payments or more on their own. If they cant prove theyve been making payments on their own or that they assumed the loan at least six months ago theyll have to re-qualify for the new mortgage
    • The VA Streamline Refinance may allow you to remove a name without credit re-verification. But the person remaining on the loan must be the VA-eligible veteran not a non-VA-eligible spouse

    USDA loans also have a Streamline Refinance option. However, if you use the USDA Streamline Refi to remove a name from the loan, the remaining borrower will need to re-qualify for the loan based on the borrowers credit report and income.

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